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Most of the times, I meet people who say,” I have complete faith in god, or I worship god whole heartedly, or I never harm anyone, or I visit to temple daily, or I do spiritual practice daily, or I help everyone”, and so many things like that. But if something wrong happens in their life, they stop believing god and start complaining.
This is not faith. Pain is an essential part of our life. We all are here, to balance our past karma and to get our lessons; we need to learn for the growth of our souls. And for that, we have to pass through pain in life. Difficult time is just, god’s testing period of our faith for him. This is the period, when we actually need to have unwavering faith in God, and should have confidence, that God will take care of everything.
We all are his fragmented part and he loves all of us equally. But unfortunately we forget this fact. If we are worshiping God, and in return, we are expecting, a problem free life, then this is not faith, it is just a deal.
I feel, this is must for a healer that he/she has to first understand the meaning of pain, only then he/she is allowed to serve the society. There was a time period, when I too had wavering faith in God. I used to think,” if I am worshiping god, and he answers my prayer, only then he exist, else not”. And god never answered my prayers. There was a time when I actually stopped believing god. Then one day, I realized, this is not faith. First you have to believe that he exist, and then he will answer your prayers. After that, he tested my faith many times, by putting me in very difficult situations. And this time I cleared all his tests, and after that he started answering my prayers.
So friends, never ever think that you are alone in this world. God’s grace is always with you, you just need to have unwavering faith in him, whatever the situation is.


“Faith is giving someone authority to destroy you completely, and having confidence, that he will never do this."


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