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Value what you have now or you will be made to value it and then you will miss it.

Few days back I met a girl who had a fight with her beloved man and they were not talking to each other. Despite of several attempts made by the guy, the girl decided not to respond to his messages. The guy started losing his health as he started losing his interest to live without her. She still did not respond. He died few days back waiting to hear her voice. Its not a story, its a reality which happened in front of my eyes few days back and now the girl cries for her lost love. She did not value his love out of ego and few things they had said to each other when they were fighting which actually they did not mean to say...and now she cannot get him back. We are blessed with many many things in life but we have a tendency to look at what we dont have instead of what we have and we keep losing what we have. Same way..we have a perception of a person and we ignore the real people, be it our parents, siblings, friends or spouse. We want them in particular way and we ignore what they really are and we keep looking for what is not there as per our expectations. We keep losing a part of them every time we decide to look at whats not there instead of whats there and this way one day we lose something completely. Instead of that if we decide to look at what is being done and whats already there, every day, that thing would come closer and become stronger in life. Its your choice what you want to have and what you want to lose. The best example is from the history of evolution. We use to have a tail but now we just have a little tail bone as we did not use and did not look at it. So the nature thought we did not need it. Same way if we do not value some thing, nature thinks, we do not need it, so it goes away from us. After that if it was really important you can say you would value it ...decision is yours,....when do you want to value something while you have it or when you miss having it...

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