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Universe law of Attraction - Ritu Bahri

When you understand the Law of Attraction, you will understand you cannot avoid contrasting, or unwanted, situations. In fact, you will learn to welcome them, as strange that might seem at first.

Your appreciation of 'unwanted' will grow, as you deepen your awareness of life, because you will become ever more aware of the powerful dynamic of this Universe.

You will remember: Unwanted gives rise to Wanted. Contraction leads to Expansion. Contrast births Clarity.

By greater understanding of yourself as a vibrational being, you can learn to become a master of your personal reality.

You can learn to consciously and deliberately create more wanted, joyful experiences from all of the contrasting situations in your life right now.

Use the energy of 'what is' to create the energy of 'what will be'.

The more you can clean up your unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions, which ultimately create your perception and thus your experience of reality, the more delicious and joyful your life will be.

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