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Have you ever noticed a child in the arms of a protective parent? Seen the amount of trust and faith they have in their parent? It is quite visible in every small movement, in their sparkling eyes and in their charming smile. 

Maybe one of the major reason parents and little kids have the most beautiful, honest relationships is this. Because no matter what, the child always loves and trusts the parent fully, with no qualms, no doubts, no fears! Maybe it is this innocent heart that makes the parent feel responsible for their love. As it is often said - 'It is the child that makes a parent.'  

Do you sometimes experience this trust towards others even now? Can you trust yourself, fully, from the bottom of your heart? Simply place your hand on your heart. Feel this trust enter your heart now. How does it make you feel? Probably like you could do anything in this moment!

What if you could feel this in your everyday life, in every moment? Just trust the inner voice within you, have faith in the path you have chosen for yourself and enjoy the ride! 

Renew this trust in yourself and others with The Journey. Heal from past traumas, removing all unwanted issues from their roots. It could be a change in anything - health, wealth, career, relationships, physical or emotional problems. Trust yourself with these and connect with your inner child. Bring out the infinite potential within you and realize the truth through your Source! 

The Journey has helped heal thousands of people and continues to do so. To read some inspiring stories, you can visit -

Here are the dates and cities of the upcoming Journey programs with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri. For more information, just click on the links: 

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