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So many times I feel I’m still encaged. When my buyer humiliates me and I’m a passive listener, when I pass by and ignore the dying person at the roadside lying in pool the of blood, when I surrender to my parents wishes, when I pull myself from expressing my anger, when I stop myself from thrashing people who never loved my father but mourned and cried on his death, when I behave like a submissive daughter-in-law when I’m not, when I can’t raise my voice against the management for degrading the education system, when I’m stopped to do the work that has no monetary value attached to it and when I’ve to wear a plastic smile while my heart is wounded.

Freedom to speak, freedom to dress, freedom to express, freedom to do things ethically, freedom to differ, freedom to choose and above all freedom to ‘LIVE’ life is the true meaning of Freedom . When we do not have to camouflage, when we are true to ourselves and true to others, is the true freedom.

We wear masks because there exists a strong driving force which help us take decisions. And this strong negative driving force is ‘FEAR’. Fear to lose power, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of loneliness, fear of humiliation, fear of anger. We base our entire life on this negativity and stop ourselves from doing what we always want to do thus denying ourselves ‘freedom to choose’.

It’s when we all are able to choose without any fear what’s right, what’s ethical, what’s in line with our core values we all will attain true freedom.

In fact, in today’s cut throat competitive world where survival is on the basis of power it is difficult to swim so everybody is floating in the direction of current. But then here we lose our identity as an individual and become what others want us to be. And of course we do it as this is the path of least resistance and who takes the road less traveled?

One who dares, is the one who has to pass through a chequered life but he always has one thing which others lose at this point and that is “True Freedom”.

When our actions are to gain happiness and pleasure, when FEAR is not the driving force, when it’s necessary not to lose one’s identity, one can choose to’ LIVE LIFE’ when others just survive. To live every bit of life is what is freedom. As then we’ll never stop ourselves to speak what our heart says, we’ll not rush away seeing a person dying on the road, we’ll wear what we feel comfortable in, we’ll not be a part of corruption, we’ll not act just to please others . With sparkle in our eyes and joy in our heart we’ll live our life truthfully, free from all types of bondages.

This will be the TRUE FREEDOM as then the need will be to compete with ourselves, not others. This process will not only preserve our uniqueness but also give us everlasting happiness.

Couple of years back I wrote a poem which depicts how one feels without true freedom.

Changing time
dissolving ethics
losing character
Really pricks

Changing definitions
trampling desire
evaporating emotions
Dreams set on fire

Chained thoughts
murmuring lips
words don't follow mind
Tongue just slips

Fear of expressing
Pain of sharing
Tears of agony
Heart wrecking...

Why we are dragging
why struggling
For what we're living
Mind boggling...

Give me love
Give me freedom
I want to live
A life with passion

Don't stop me
Let me go on
Let me behave as I want
For, I want to see the dawn.

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Comment by saroj dubey on August 12, 2010 at 4:58pm
amazing thoughts spoken straight from the heart and a very moving piece of poetry which inspires
Comment by lopamudra dubey on August 12, 2010 at 1:47pm
wonderful piece and pleasure to read again n again...thanx for sharing :)

Comment by Sandeep Goswamy on August 11, 2010 at 7:45pm
This is beautiful!

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