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Dear Friends I will like to share about Enneagram number 2. This represents  self sacrificing, service oriented helper. Our typical Indian female is epitome of Enneagram 2. It is here that self sacrifice and service becomes the dominating feature of persona. This is archetype of  feminine energy where generosity, love , caring attitude becomes  guiding factor for all actions.Mothers who place welfare of family and husband above their needs represent enneagram 2 in action.

 I remember seeing this character pot-raid very well in movie Guzarish where Ashwaria rai plays the role of perfect server for Hritik Roshan. For 20 years she serves day in day out  a quadriplegic man,pot-raid by Hritik.In this way she totally forgets her identity. Without any gains from society she pours herself completely in service of her master. Even a wife or mother could not have served with same zest as she did. I really admired her dedication. But there was another aspect of the same character. It was strong sense of pride and possession attached to this  service which was well depicted in movie.

How does this function. Just imagine that you are in this role of self denial and service orientation day in day out." How can I help you." With this question running constantly on forefront in our consciousness  In the backdrop of their mind is  sense of self deprivation . Though they are constantly trying to please everyone and nurture all, there is  a sense of vacuum and inner lack. Something is missing from life. They are serving to escape from that inner void. Their all service and love is  a silent manipulative  demand for love and appreciation that is deeply missing in life.Their love is conditional and expecting approval and acceptance.  The conditional love is so well camouflaged in profound philosophy and magnanimity that the deep anguish because of self deprivation is difficult to locate. This anger manifests as self pride and constant need to remind the other how much they owe . There is  a feeling that others have taken them for granted and they have lost something important in life. And who is responsible for that, of course those who never cared to reciprocate the love. 

Then because the service is generated out of self deprivation and trying to fill inner void  the object of their love become their deepest possession. Enneagram 2 is very possessive and jealous of losing their dearest thing .What if they loose the thing that has become only meaning and purpose of their life.The mere thought of it would be self annihilating and suicidal. I think maximum suicides because of relationship issues are done by enneagram 2.In this mode they enter into deep inferiority complex and deep sense of worthlessness.

 So the pendulum of this type oscillates between pride of service and humility of worthlessness.

So what can be done to come out of this. First  start feeling and accepting inner void and sense of lack inside. Regular affirmations Even if I feel worthless and unimportant I deeply and completely accept  and love myself. 

 Second self nurturance and taking care of inner child is very important. Taking time to take care of your inner need, drawing boundaries and telling others what you  need to gratify yourself and opening to universe to  receive love and care from all sources is key to self transformation. Somebody spoke well that difference between expectation and prayer is that, expectation is fixing who will fulfill my needs and prayer is widening our receptor so much that anyone or anything in universe can overfill and outflow my needs.  

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