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Transformation and its enablers are not valued

Did you know that the root of measure, meter and ‘maya’ is the same?
Transform to transcend. The limits of measure, the illusion of value proposition, which we make so much of noise about. 
Through history neither human transformation nor its enablers have been valued in the true sense.  No wonder, even after having lived with him, a disciple sold his master’s life for only 30 pieces of silver. No wonder, even after being a father to a prodigious reformer, he could value his son to be only capable of tending cattle.
A more suave and clever way adopted today by many to denigrate enablers of human transformation is by getting them publicly upheld, garlanded and showered with accolades and awards in a pompous ceremony and the very next moment receding to the familiar smallness, often calling these enablers difficult and irrational. A painfully schizoid behavior akin to what we get to see amongst those who attend religious congregations.
Whether it is through outright blasphemy or through indirect show of pseudo respect, the world at large seems to be in a state of organized callousness to dis-regard and dis-respect human transformation and its enablers.
What is not understood by us is that our practices of credential based valuing will not hold good for such masters. The only way we can truly value these enablers and masters can be is by embracing and evangelizing transformation – transformation of the planet and its people. 
Why is it that human transformation, its process and its enablers are not valued? Why is it not readily embraced?
Most people are limited in their understanding and appreciation of transactional value only and cannot perceive transformational value.  They are obsessed with measuring value proposition as promised by the transient and terminal physical reality and are not at all tuned to experiencing the immeasurable awe and wonder of the process of transformation.
The flower’s fragrance and beauty cannot be measured nor can the breath taking melody of birds singing. Similarly in the matrix driven reality the transformational shifts made can’t be measured, even though the ultimate impact can be miraculous.
How can human transformation, its process and its prophets be valued?
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