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To "Just be" with the "I am" consciousness

In an Indian movie there is a quote..

"It is so simple to be happy but so diifcult to be simple."

Bawarchi -1972

I ask..

"Are we supposed to be simple or are we simple beings.What is it to just simply be?"

To "Just be" with the "I am" consciousness

I have wanted to "Just Be" for a long time but did not know how to get there. But for "I" to "Just Be", I realised that first I had to get in touch with the "I". 
I use this term "I" ever so frequently in my day to day life but did it without knowing the essence of this "I". I learnt fom experience that I would have to get in touch with the "I AM" consciousness in order to "Just Be". 

So what is the "I AM" consciousness...? 
In general when I introduce myself I use "I am...". For example, 
I am a healer 
I am an enterpreneuer 
I am a son 
I am a house runner 
I am happy 
I am ambitious 
I am busy 

I realised that I identify myself either as a role or as an emotion or as a state of being but all of these are transitory in nature. 
I thought to myself that actually "I am what I want to be.." 
Sometimes I take on extra roles but along with roles come responsibilities. I usually take up these extra roles beacuse of conditioning, comparison and competition, and hence, this feeling of "I want to be..." becomes the source of pain in my life. 
While playing these roles I may be in conflict if the roles are in conflict with each other. 
E.g : I am a healer and I am a house runner may cause conflict in my head if either I belive that healing should be freely available or that as a house runner, I may not be able to meet the expenses by just being a healer. Then I wonder.."Why can't I just be..." 

The question then arises...What is it that my heart truly desires to be? 

What is that one role that supercedes all other roles? 

My heart's true desire could be to be a house runner and that desire even supercedes my desire to be a healer. 
As long as all my actions are in line with the desire "I am a house runner", there would be no conflict. The universe will open up for me to satisfy all other desires since the God within me is living the "I AM" consosiouness.. 

So the next time you want to "Just Be", ask yourself...What is it that I most desire to be? 
Be the "I AM" and then watch the magic of "Just Being" unfold. 

"I love you through myself and through you I worship myself"

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