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 Astra projection needs few prerequisites so that astral body can separate from Physical Body

  • Deep Physical Relaxation
  • Body asleep and mind awake state,
  • Astral Body activation
  • Exit Techniques

Today I will share with you techniques of Astral Body Activation. These techniques were shared by Michele Maduga .

He calls Astral body experience The Phase. His method of Astral body separation is by Direst Techniques. These Techniques are done immediately on waking up and do not need deep trance or deep relaxation

The best time to practise these methods are when you are awaking from sleep. As you wake up in morning keep your body still and do not move. This time focus on your desire to separate your  Astral body. To activate astral body try any one of these techniques .

  • Focus in the centre of Mind space
  • Try to hear the inner sound
  • Imagine your astral body spinning
  • Visualise your astral hand close to your face and rub then vigorously without moving your physical body.

 To help the astral body exit from physical body;

  • Visualize that Astral body is floating above your physical body
  • Roll your Astral Body to one side then other
  • Rotate your astral body by 180 degree.

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