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Your message was very clear- to write any topic on Spirituality. I really don’t know what I’m writing here falls in this category or not but as I perceive Spirituality, is the state of being incorporeal, so yes, this article falls into this category.

Happiness is within each of us but it’s pathetic that we keep on searching for it outside. It’s a by- product of what we do with our lives.

As a child I was very good in studies so had pressure to prove my worth consistently. I was never pushed to study but through observation I developed a deep rooted idea that one who studies a lot is the one who excels in life. A child’s mind is like cement, impressions are permanent and they frame the course of action he takes. I adhered to this notion for long.

After class X I chose Biology as I didn’t want to become an engineer. What I knew at that point of time were two career options- Engineering & Medical, as if nothing else exists. My parents never compelled me to go for Medical but they never tried to explore ‘ WHO AM I’? They never helped me to align my energies with my interests. I know they never knew what other career options were but at least they should have known my area of strength and also helped me to know that.

The result was, I kept on trying for Medical entrance exams four times but couldn’t get through. My hopes were shattered and I wanted a professional degree. With no other option in mind, I did MBA. In 1996 it was the most sought after degree so I listened to my mind , completely ignoring my heart. The result was quite dissatisfactory here too as I was not happy working for companies. I was like a square peg in a round hole.

Time came when it became important to listen to my heart. I had a rendezvous with myself and closely analyzed my strengths and weaknesses. The results were quite interesting which my heart knew earlier but my mind rejected. I had a deep interest in writing poetry and also had an equal interest in occult subjects. This was something for which I could forego anything, something which I always loved to do, something for which I could jump out of my bed at three in night, something which could give me intense inner satisfaction, something which could give me an everlasting happiness. My search was complete but it took me 35 long years to know myself.

Had I known myself earlier, I could have started my journey earlier. We all commit one blunder; we decide the destination and start the journey. Destination is not as important as the journey. If the journey that we’ve started is pleasant, it gives us faith that we are on right track though it might take a little longer to reach there.

Our experiences make us learn. With every failure we learn what not to do. As a mother I learnt what not to do with my child. It’s important not to make children sit in their comfort zones. It’s important to understand as parents what our children are good at, what they can do better than others. At the same time it’s equally important to help them know themselves. The best way to do this is wait and watch. Watch them closely what they enjoy, what they love to do most of the time, what makes them feel happy. This exercise doesn’t stop as it is a continuous process. Let them be as they are, how they are, what they are and somewhere in between you’ll find your answers. Just give them opportunities to do things that you know they are good at. Give them enough room for their creativity as only creative minds can touch new horizons.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to see their children being inclined towards the disciplines that are not lucrative. Yes, it’s very natural but what I feel is money comes automatically when we are happy doing something. We are so very absorbed in doing it that we find hundreds of ways to love it.

Yes, the destination might seem far but the journey becomes enjoyable. At last, what matters the most is happiness which money can never buy. What’s the use of accumulating wealth which can’t make us happy?

Think about it for a while……..

Most of us might have come across this situation in life when we are over 30 and we say to ourselves ‘What am I doing with my life’?, ‘What is the purpose of my life’? My question to you all is, do you want your children to ask the same question to themselves when they’ve almost completed half their lives? Or would you like them to enjoy every bit of their ‘Journey of Life’?

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Comment by smita balachandrran on August 6, 2010 at 11:02pm
very relevant in today's times of stress and strife and thought-provoking!
Comment by Chitra Jha on August 6, 2010 at 11:00pm
That's a lovely write up Shanu.....straight from the heart!!!

Comment by Sandeep Goswamy on August 5, 2010 at 11:57pm
Very Nice :-)

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