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Think again, do you want a perfect love or a true love...

One couple came to me for counselling and wife said that her husband does not love her or does not love her enough. I asked her, why does she feel this way. She told me, her husband never gave her any greeting card or never said that he loves her. I understand the importance of expression of emotions, however, everyone has own way of expressing things. saying I love you is a verbal expression. Then I asked her husband, he told me, he tries to help her a lot, he tries to bring many things for her to see her smiling but he never finds her happy enough. It seems she never wants to understand how much he loves her. Most of the girls grow up with Cinderella or Mills and Boon Romance and thanks to media and movies, who have given a picture perfect love to dream about. While growing up we create a picture of love in our mind and we assume things would happen that way and when we encounter reality we are unable to cope up with the gap. We feel that we are not loved because we also have a tendency to look at whats not there instead of whats there so we end up ignoring what is being done. In the above mentioned case, the lady thought her husband does not love her and he felt its never enough for her. We expect a lot and we forget that we all want to express things own way. Do not look for a perfect love because that is perfect as per your thoughts, in reality everything is perfect. If its true love, which comes with own ups and down, just accept everything. Acceptance will make your life full of love, if you keep expecting, you will never be able to see the truth because then you would always gauge if this is what you want or not. Always remember, love does not have to be perfect, it just has to be true.

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Comment by Sheetal Jain on August 29, 2012 at 6:13pm

Ranjana, I agree with whatever you are saying and to add to it further, loving someone depends on your nature, your character irrespective of what other person is like. We all are here to experience love in different forms, infact the purpose of this entire creation is to experience the varied degrees of love.

Comment by ranjna on August 29, 2012 at 5:30pm

Relationships are the biggest game changers for the soul's growth.
No matter how a soul is acting it is simply asking for Love in the only way it knows how to ask for it.
Our search for Love outside of us is actually a desire to feel our true state which is "PURE LOVE"
Just as we seek GOD outside of US ...we seek LOVE outside of US.

As for infidelity...we need to realize that the life we have right now is not written or created by anyone else...we are the ones who create it both on this side as well as the other side.

Whatever you are experiencing in this life is what you wrote for yourself as a Soul on the other side, before you incarnated on the Earth.

E.g. You chose to experience heartbreak in this lifetime, because in the past you were always the one break

ing hearts and in this life you wanted to experience how it feels to be on the other end.
Comment by Brian Sullivan on August 29, 2012 at 4:32pm

I agree acceptance is essential as a foundation of  love ---- but "accept everything?" surely there are behaviors we will not accept, those whch we could reasonably expect not to occur in love eg infidelity.

Acceptance that a person is fallaible, just as we are, can open to forgiveness, which often means we remove the attachment from the unreality of our fantasies and build appreciation for who people really are.


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