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 “Usha”, the early rays of the sun falls on the earth, dismantling all the mysteries the dark night holds. From the very dawn of the human evolution, men had tried to know the mysteries as well as shine like the sun. But the juxtaposition or the opposites has always stopped the human to possess the mysteries along with the Light. The eternal ego has always stopped them. The moment men possessed the mysteries, the eternal came to play, and either he deviated from the path or possession of power made him greedy that the Light went out

. The early “Rishis” of the Vedic Age used to part their knowledge with the soul purpose to relinquish their ego. It is eternal truth that the opposites the juxtaposition is responsible for the creation. To create something the destruction has to happen first. Without the dark, the light cannot survive and vice versa. Knowingly or unknowingly we all are following this rule. All the modern day problems are because of lack of harmony. Everything in this universe is in motion and vibrating in their own frequency. Looking at the sky in complete darkness makes us realise the brilliance of the consciousness. The consciousness has said everything in motion, being unique, so free yet so minutely placed and bound by law and force that they never collide with each other. The force binding them together, call it God or gravity, it hardly matters. What matters is the consciousness which flows within

. The consciousness of the opposites sets the whole show, setting the motion, one revolving around the other. If we understand that these opposite forces are responsible for our very existence, we will understand life. It would have been very simple if we could have produced the same consciousness in our laboratories, calculating the distance and force. We could have created the same motion, hence solving the problem of electricity. But we can’t produce consciousness in laboratories that is why the wild desire of men to tame the universe fails. The science has progressed but we cannot produce life in a test tube, we don’t know the exact force which beats our heart.

If we look down to ourselves, we will find how intriguing we are, very complicated yet so simple. Everything working in synchronicity yet we don’t have to think a bit to make them work. The Vedic literature gives us the profound insights about our lives ‘aatma’ the soul, ‘paramatma’, the higher self and the journey of soul and consciousness. The concept of conscious awareness, sub conscious awareness, Higher self and super consciousness gives the idea of complete of channelling the consciousness from High frequency source to the human awareness.

More interesting write up will come up next through Kalpavriksha Kriya Chaitanya

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