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The success story of a leading Russian Network Marketing Co which sells Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements from India

Trado is a leading brand of Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements in Russia which are imported from a leading Indian Exporter Bliss Ayurveda and sold all over Russian Federation. 

Trado has collaborated with Biokvant LLC  which is a Russian company who developed the VedaPulse a unique Digital Pulse Analysis Device that can diagnose a person’s health status on the principals of Ayurveda after a short 5 minute test of ECG & HRV. The algorithms in the system help in creating recommendations for the person tested and listings are created about Herbs, Aromatic Essential Oils, Diet, Yoga, Music Therapy, Acupuncture, TCM, and Physiotherapy etc ...

The networkers who sell Trado Herbal Ayurvedic Supplements can test their prospects scientifically and sell them the exact supplements which are ideal / suitable for them avoiding the ones which are not recommended for them.

Trado has gone one step ahead by branding the device TradPulse which was specially customised by VedaPulse to incorporate Trado Supplements on the device and a bulk purchase agreement ensured that Trado could offer their networkers to buy TradoPulse devices as a part of the network marketing compensation plan and use the product to generate a scientific and ethical way to market their supplements resulting in happy and satisfied customers.

VedaPulse India is the Indian distributor of VedaPulse and is now geared up to offer similar arrangements to Herbal Supplement manufacturers customizing the device to specific needs of such companies. 

The founder of Biokvant & the creator of VedaPulse technology & device, Dr Oleg Sorokin will be  in New Delhi on 15th November conducting a full day seminar Modern Diagnostic Technologies in Ayurveda

When Dr sorokin happened to meet Dr Vasant Lad a practicing master of Ayurveda, Director of Ayurvedic Institute and author of the book “Secrets of the Pulse.The Ancient art of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis” and demonstrated the VedaPulse Dr Vasant Lad said 

“You are the first scientist who created such accurate algorithm. Everything I found out in this patient, your device could also see. I’ve seen many devices that were said to be based on Ayurveda principles but none of them was good enough. We will keep working with you on a research with my students so that later we could publish some articles in Ayurvedic journals to tell other Ayurvedic professionals about your device”.


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