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The secret is that there is no Secret

If books could transform and propel one to higher levels of existence, Arjuna would have not required Sri Krishna as his charioteer but would have won the war of Kurukhshetra by following the Bhagwat Geeta as a tool kit! The book would then have come before its Creator and we would have perhaps worshiped Sanjay (the narrator) or the unknown author and Sri Krishna would have probably receded in the back ground as just another mentor or teacher.
Sounds stupid and ridiculous right? But then isn't that what we are rampantly doing? Picking up some self-help book, using it as a tool kit and either imagining that we are on the way to enlightenment or if it doesn't work, dismissing the book as not effective. 
Wake-up man from your tool-centric self-imposed disability. Books were never meant to be and can never be your teachers and mentors. At the most, and that too a few selected books, can serve as sign posts to lead you to some place within yourself for exploration, assuming you are capable of 'reading'.
This mail that I received from one of my proteges a couple of days back reinforces my belief in the power of Transformational Coaching and mentoring. It urges me to write this blog to dispel the myth of all Secrets and for once attempt to awaken you too a reality that you also need a friend, a guide, a master - in short a awakened soul who is ready to mentor - to heal your fragmented existence and help you to move on your transformational journey.
The excerpts of the mail read as follows:
"I am writing to you, with a sense of achievement and an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness.

I have completed my first milestone of this intent driven mentoring engagement. The successful completion of what I had set out to achieve in little more than a month seems like a magic. This wouldn’t have happened if I did not have your relentless guidance and encouragement to follow the discipline which we created mutually.

When I started I didn’t even know where it would lead me to, except for my complete faith in you as a mentor. You helped me visualize my dream and create milestones and also enabled me to follow the path of intentful action where I am working on myself, clearing the webs that had held me back from achieving my dream and to create actions which would give me the response that I have been looking for.

It seems magical to look back and see how did this happen. There was no best practice to be followed, none that you gave me either. There was only my intent and the dream I have which led me in the direction that I am meant to be going. There were days when nothing seemed to work, yet you helped me deal with my anxiety and apprehension and showed me that those days were most precious as they brought out the value of reflection from where came out never seen before approaches and strategies.

What made it happen are two very important factors –

  1.  The absolute surrender to the discipline I decided to follow
  2. The Unshakable faith in my intent. .

I am now on the second leg of my journey, this reflection and sharing was a sojourn for me to get ready to move on.

We started this engagement with a commitment from you and a commitment from me, you have honored your commitment and I am experiencing you continue to do so.

As a token of gratitude I would at this point in time like to share with you a part of my success fee. I want to state this is in no way compensating for whatever I have received from you, its just a small gesture to show my love, faith and gratitude towards the process and to honor the engagement we got into."

This mail leaves me feeling touched and humbled. What awesome sense of self-respect and self-worth! It always over-whelms me to see, in this world full of self-assumed powerlessness and worthlessness, someone upholding the true worth of Being Human and showing promise of manifesting the Divine. 

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