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The computer software and government banking system hackers are from the past now. There is a new and evolved generation of humans that’s taking over. Any guess what are they hacking – The Human Brain! I would like to take this moment to introduce to you one my most favorite men on the planet Jason Silva who is a filmmaker (Host of Brain Games on National Geographic Channel and Producer of Shots of Awe on the Discovery Communications Network), a futurist, a Philosopher and an epiphany addict.

Through one of my stalking sessions I found that he is also a part of the beautiful brains behind the Flow Genome Project.

What is the Flow Genome Project all about?

The Flow Genome Project deals with a state of our consciousness known as Flow. This state can be explained as peak human performance or moments of wrapped attention where you lose your sense of self, self-consciousness and time seems to pass by strangely. During this state Humans tend to have picture perfect decision making and it helps you think laterally.

Currently these four pillars Psychology, neurobiology, Psychopharmacology and technology are advancing so fast that almost nothing is impossible. We have often heard that we use only 10% of our brain through most of our lives and everyone would believe that 100% of the brain functions when in Flow. When tested at neurological level, during Flow parts of the brain on the contrary are not becoming hyperactive and they are actually shutting down.

The most important one being the Prefrontal Cortex – therefore you lose your sense of morality, your sense of will and time .As we are unable to think of the past or the future – WE ARE PLUNGED IN THE DEEP NOW. Another part of the Prefrontal Cortex is the Dorsal lateral –which is your inner critic as it shuts down you bid farewell to the nagging voice of your inner Woody Allen.

During flow the brain releases five of the most potent neurochemicals which are majorly performance enhancement drugs and all of them are feel good pleasure drugs. One of the chemicals that shows up during flow is Dopamine which is the same drug that is induced by cocaine. Just that the most common morphine in the brain is a 100 times more powerful than Medical Morphine.

In the last 25 years, Scientist discovered that sports athletes – Snow Boarders, Surfers got really good at reproducing their best moves. As for them Flow is just about the only option, if they are not in flow they can lose their lives. Researching on the models of sports athletes, artists and musicians who can attain flow so naturally Mckinsey has just concluded a 10 years study on Flow states to discover that their employees can be upto 500% more effective in Flow states.

At Flow Genome they have trained over 4000 people and the trainees are reporting a 500% increase in flow, 500% increase in creativity and a 300% Increase in self Confidence. These are done through process generated stimulators that the team has worked on to trigger Flow. In today’s world you can also artificially induce flow through transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Unfortunately there is nothing like a continuous flow state as these chemicals that the brain produces are in short supply. But over time you can train your brain to enter this state at regular intervals.

Can you imagine how this can change our lives drastically? The affect it would have on education and our productivity as a race? Flow is said to exponentially better the immune system and as per Dr. Herb Benson at Harvard these flow states are also responsible for spontaneous healing.

The reason as per the Jason Silva and Steven Kotler for this huge change is due to the merger of our linear and lateral worlds mentally and the unbelievably fast rate at which Science fiction is now becoming science reality. I think we have some really exciting times ahead of us.

What do you think?

Much love & No Fear!
Shubhra Chaturvedi

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