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The last few months have been quite entertaining don't you think? The fuel that is being added to religious feud has drastically been increased and fed to the country. I can sense a major shift in the society, within my own house as well.

As the brainwashing continues, most people dont wish to believe this is a planned agenda. I have been a witness to many conversations in the recent past with supporters of the "Hindutva Movement". Frankly, I have seen well educated people who have lived amongst all communities pick sides currently. I would say its a wonderful time to choose your friends and community. As there cannot be a better time to judge the real character of people.

For me personally, I grew up in a boarding school and formed most of the best relationships during my stay in Mumbai. Religion to me cannot ever form judgement or generalisation. I have met a varied number of people from across the country and the only two categories I have are the sleepers and awake. This is the only way I classify people.

Just to give you a perspective, in one of our recent travels. Three of us friends were stranded at a highway in the dead of the night. Scary? Actually it was quite the opposite. A truck driver called "Asif" delayed his travel by close to 3 hours for us. We tied our huge SUV by a rope to his truck and he dropped us about 15 kms ahead at the closest petrol pump. Did he ask us for any money? No. He refused to even take a penny.

I was pleasantly surprised and extremely grateful. Is the world really as bad as we believe? Or rather how we are made to believe? How many such people have you met in your life? Will you ever help someone in need the way he did? Is just the name of your religion enough to generalise you and classify you?

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