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You must have heard the story of Aladdin and the genie. Wouldn't have it been nice, If we were also provided with a genie, who could fulfil every wish we make???

The genie is your subconscious mind and Aladdin is ''you" or the "conscious mind". Whatever order you give to subconscious, it has got the power to make it into a reality. But then why only few peoples are prosperous whereas rest others are experiencing lack, shortage or troubles? It's because we don't know, how to command the genie. Also by default we are giving negative messages to our subconscious creating a mesh of conflict and misery around us. Unless we master the art of communication with the subconscious, life cannot shower blessings and abundance on us. You can achieve success make huge money, enjoy luxuries and have a fantastic life; no one has the authority to stop you except your own mind. Hence you must master your mind.

So how to correct it and bring it in tune with the universal abundance. 1st start noticing, how frequently your mind creates negative thoughts regarding your goal. stop it in middle and put a new thought 'How nice will it feel, when I achieve my goal'. In this way you are transforming the destructive energy to  something very beautiful. Just practice it. Its such a powerful method that if  practiced frequently , one may find his empty well  overflowing with divine blessings.

Dr. Peeyush

I am conducting a workshop on sub conscious re-imprinting and mind power To direct the mental energy to get the life you want.

1st and 2nd april

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