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The Fox and the Grapes - Let us compare the attitude towards Money to the famous fable of "The Sour Grapes". After trying and not getting the juicy grapes, the fox walks away, blaming the grapes to be 'sour'. In the same way when people try to earn MONEY by honest or dishonest means, and they are not able to get it BECAUSE they have not understood about MONEY or not taken enough interest in their LIFE. Result is - They End Up Calling Money as evil. Hence, we can say that,

"Deprived people have spread the message that money is evil"

In Reality, Everybody Wants Money ! So Why Deny and Blame the Money or Circumstances? Come and Be Part of the Magikal Journey called MONEY WORKSHOP and EXPERIENCE EXPANSION and all the Juicy Grapes that the Life has to Offer You ~

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