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‘The Birthing Canal’ May20-Jun04; ‘Full Moon Lunar Eclipse’ June 04; ‘The Window’ June 04-06

***We are “"preparing”” for what is considered by many to be the greatest astronomical event of the year - the Transit of Venus on 6th June 2012!
 ***This is the time when the frequency of the Earth, itself, is predicted to reach an average of 13 Hz, the next number in the Fibonacci sequence.


- The ‘Passage of Time’ between the 2 Eclipses: May 20 – June 04’ 12


We are currently in the tunnel between two major eclipses - The Great Alignment & Solar Eclipse on May 20 – Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 04.

This Passage of Time is considered our Planet Earth’s Birthing Canal…

...the most powerful and constructive catalyst for the human upheaval and gives us a chance and opportunity to get connected with the ‘Core’.


We have been all been working consciously or unconsciously in clearing & balancing our energies between these 2 eclipses, in preparation for the eagerly awaited transit of the Venus Goddess in front of the Sun’s face ushering in the Rise of the Sacred Divine Feminine


Be kind to yourself & everyone around you these days.

All the old stuff is being cleansed - Physically, mentally, emotionally. Work with the energies in awareness and make this a conscious choice!

Breathe Out, Allow - the cleansing & letting go of the old

Breathe In, Allow - the new receiving of the new


The 3/4 days before the Eclipse are the considered the most potent to uncover, uproot the layers & veils that shroud the ‘Core’ :)  Let’s see what wants to happen!

I sense 'allot' of fear associated with the currency and financial collapse in the collective. What’s in it for 'us'? - Detachment to material. Detachment from dependence on 'money' more than material.

""The sifting & separation of perceptions of - Money v/s Abundance."""

When we can’t control one another with money, how else can we stay connected?? ;)

Which brings us to the larger picture of Relationships as a whole. This time will bring up all discordant energies in the way we ‘Relate’ to ourselves and each other making way for the energies of Heart centeredness!

"Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that's new to human history." ~ NASA





Full Moons are about completions, fruition & revelations. Full Moons amplify what it bringing it surface & consciousness. The wanted, good & the discordant!

They are a wonderful opportunity to ‘let go’ the discordant and the unwanted.


The powerful ‘super moon’ partial eclipse of June 04 in Sagittarius is just preceding (2 days prior) to the much awaited Venus Transit. This event marks a culmination point of energies & a nice cosmic shake-up to aid the transition of our consciousness to the next level of anchoring & integrating Feminine Power. It is believed to unveil in the collective & our individual consciousness, all that is not in alignment with the Divine Plan for the New Earth. It is a time where we close a symbolic door and contribute to an ending of a chapter in our lives. The Lunar Eclipses illuminate ‘endings’!


We may experience this as energetic ripples cascading through our relationships, surfacing any unfinished business and karma. Troubling aspects of a current romantic relationship may be highlighted, and old flames may pop back up to instigate a necessary healing and clearing process. Venus is helping us to clean house and rid ourselves of old habits, wounds, and attitudes around love.

Ultimately, this is a gift to help us refine our relationships and move our love to a higher place!

From here on out it only increases in intensity- but intensity is a means for transformation!

Click here to refer more on Full Moons, Eclipses & exercises for Clearings & Letting Go!



THE WINDOW- June 04-06, 2012


Due to the nature of these events it is best if we are aware of the energies present so we can work WITH them rather than have them work against us., is a time for opening to the bright impulse of cosmic energy that is streaming into the mass consciousness of Humanity.

The days leading up to this Venus Transit, are very profound, powerful and potentially intense couple of days. June 4th -6th are timed with not one, but 3 powerful celestial events!


The first is the eclipse that we have spoken off just earlier on June 04.


The next event during this two-day window involves Neptune’s station retrograde on June 04. Neptune is the planet of mysticism, spirituality, and connection to the Unconscious. he is also the planet of delusion, deception, addiction and confusion. With his station retrograde in his home sign of Pisces the veil between the worlds is thin- or perhaps non-existent! A lot of information/awareness can come through- so paying attention to dreams, intuition, psychic perception and synchronicities is key.

Neptune governs the Unconscious and the waters of the world- so eruptions of both are possible (symbolically and literally). We have to be aware that the potential for spiritual openings as well as mass deception and delusion are BOTH possible. This is a time to question reality AND question our fantasies. the collective desire to be kept sedated/unaware of Truth can be really potent right now, but so is the collective ability to break through the veils and see to the Truth!

These are days for envisioning the New Human, the New Earth.

These are days of allowing our creative and inspirational forces to flow abundantly!

Our thought are the most powerful forces in the Universe & it is now time to dream ‘out’ of this illusion of Duality & Creatively dream our way into the illusion of the 5th Dimension!


We are preparing for what is considered by many to be the greatest astronomical event of the year - THE SPECTACULAR VENUS TRANSIT across the face of the Sun on JUNE 06, 2012.

Click here to read about the Dance of Venus across the face of the Sun:

Join us for our VENUS TRANSIT CEREMONY OF LIGHT on Wed Jun 06, 2012, Mumbai

Click here for details:


Let us prepare well for this extraordinary event by being more aware during the days to come and attuning ourselves to the energies of transformation that are aligning themselves!

Stardust and Twinkles!

~ Toral, ISHAYAS

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