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The Biggest Secret of Money - That Brings You The Greatest Joy in Life!

I Like to Keep It Simple. I like to Keep it Straight. And I Live a Life that is Grand and Yet Grounded.
~ Suresh Padmanabhan, Author of International Best Seller 'I Love Money', Mentor, Life Designer, Founder of 'The Money Workshop'. He has Coached over Million People in Last 18 Years on Areas of Money, Relationship and Spirituality.

When Life is already Complicated, why are We Complicating it further?

A lot of times, people give Money to the Blind, Old or Infant Beggars.

It is a Simple Act!

Isn't it?

Now imagine, each time a Beggar appears, a complete analysis is done before parting with Money. To top it all, after giving Money, they follow the beggar to check, is he is using the Money Properly?

Imagine following the beggar, people might wonder who the real beggar is?

Can You Understand How Much Complexity We Have Created On A Beggarly Issue?

The Correct Act of Giving - Is To Give and Forget!

The Act of Giving has to come spontaneously from the Heart. Before giving Money or anything else you can think and evaluate carefully whom and what causes to give to. But after you give, the act is Over !

Money Workshop is the Only Platform that Imparts the Real Wisdom of GIVING and RECEIVING MONEY.

These Secrets of Money with Enrich Your Being with Joy and Bliss!

Money Workshop Happening LIVE In MUMBAI
Feb 11 (Sat) and Feb 12 (Sun)
Hotel Solitaire Andheri East
Ritambhara - 9953559330
Guruprasad- 9819817604

Money Workshop LIVE In DELHI
Feb 25 (Sat) and Feb 26 (Sun)
Hotel Legend Inn, Kailash Colony
Ritambhara - 9953559330
Sandeep - 9818181991

For Registeration of DELHI AND MUMBAI, click on the link below -

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