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Sometimes we forget that people are more important than the things.

We start hoarding. We want what others have and we don’t want others to have what we have. We get into a competition and we don’t know with whom. Without realising with whom we are competing and we just want everything. As our horizon expands, our needs and desires also expand. We think our needs are expanding but if we observe closely, needs are always same, our desires expand. The basic need is clothing to cover our bodies but we want variety of clothes and we want expensive clothes. When we are hungry, our need is food, but we also want to see where we are eating and with whom we are eating. Our basic need is shelter, but we also want to make sure that our homes are decorated with expensive ornamental pieces. We keep hoarding and keep competing. We forget why we are doing what we are doing. When we hoard we become greedy as for everything we want more and more and then we do not want to share as we feel our identity depends on these little things and if we would share, we would become lesser as a person. Our small thoughts make us further small. Our identity depends on same and we evaluate others on the basis of same. Few days back, I went to a party where everyone was wearing expensive clothes as it was a traditional Indian party. I went into plain denims and tee and I must admit I felt many were scanning me top to bottom like I had done some crime. Few came and asked me, if I plan to hit bed directly after the ceremony and I told them, I didn’t know my clothes were more important than me, if yes then you should have told me, I would have sent my clothes instead of me coming here as it would have saved my precious time. I am not boasting about my attitude but I do want to mention here that people are more important than the things they own and the things which you own. Do not undermine the people for things. Once you start valuing people above things, you will be able to share too because things would not hold any value. You will become more and more greedy if you keep valuing things above people. Choice is yours. Moreover, it also reflects that how low you value yourself as you have been valuing things above yourself too. I remember once I was sitting at a friend’s place and his mother fell from the stool. When finally she was on the bed, her first question was if the stool is intact. We all cracked up on her concern for stool but it shows how much she has been valuing herself. So if you do not want to be greedy, start valuing people and yourself above things and then you would be able to share too. So let’s say: “Value yourself above things as you are the most precious so that you can value people too.”

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