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Self denial is the enemy of abundance, the simplest expression of self denial is ' YA BUT', we need to change 'YA BUT' to 'YES AND'. Yes and is a form of acceptance, it leaves the door to abundance open to possibilities of new developments. Everything is an energy expression and energy follows intention. We are constantly using energy, every time we chose to think, speak, feel and act. we are using energy and what we do with our energy at that time,comes back to us it's magnetic. Most of us don't consider the results of what we do. we are habitually thinking about all kinds of things, speaking with little or no awareness of the results of what we are saying, feelings are instinctive and then we give our feelings a subconscious evaluation of good, or bad. We are a magnet that attracts unto ourselves the equivalent of what we express, what we do with our energy and then we wonder why our life is the way it is. Now with the increased power of abundance being offered this year, it's of extreme importance to be more consciously aware of what we are doing because what comes back will be stronger, more abundant. The way to go is choosing to feel good, this can be quite easy, so before using our energy in any way, ask your self, is what I'm about to do going to make me and anyone I may be relating to, feel good or bad? and if you feel good about it, do it, if not change it or don't do it. Whether you believe it or not major changes are happening in our world and most likely in your life. It's time to choose to be more consciously response-able for what we are doing.
Be a Nike, Just do it.

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