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Resistance to Healing Can be common - How do you overcome it?

7 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Healing
ignoringWhat gets bigger the more you push it away? Personal issues! We’re commonly taught in New Age circles that one should only focus on the positive things in life and not on the negative, because what you focus on magnifies. This is partially true, but there is a huge caveat when it comes to positive thinking- What You Resist, Persists! Resistance to healing the true core issues that are impeding us is what causes stagnation, little to no results in healing, and may often make us feel worse. This is why sometimes it isn’t always best to use positive thinking or affirmations when it comes to your issues, because it is more a matter of using the right tool for the job when dealing with resistance.
Many a times when we are focusing on healing, we tend to achieve great results with more minor issues, like getting rid of that annoying itch from the bug bite or feeling more energetic during work. However, when it comes to those huge issues, we tend to skirt around the edges instead of going head-on right into it, because it is natural for us to feel daunted and scared of fully delving into it.
Before you start, a helpful tip to get you motivated to tackle the resistance is understanding that your constant pushing away of resistance is what makes it grow stronger and more chaotic, as well as leading to your core issues festering beneath the surface issues. By dealing with it once and for all, you will notice that your surface issues
and symptoms effortlessly and permanently vanish, without using force and willpower- you simply won’t feel the need to overeat, overspend, procrastinate, and so on, especially in the particular situations tend to trigger you.
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