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An interesting question came up the other day while talking to someone about hypnosis; “How does someone who is religious react to hypnosis?”

Of course, the questions does not imply that someone of a religious nature reacts differently to being in the state of hypnosis. Instead, the question is directed towards the willingness of a person with strong faith in God to experience hypnotherapy.

This is not something unusual for me. As much of my work over the years has been to Guide people—in particular along their deeper, spiritual path—I was, quite frankly, astonished at the few negative reactions to hypnosis I’ve encountered from those of some Christian faiths. Of course, not all believers react adversely, however there does exist a segment of the population who look askance at hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Let it be known that I fully accept the held beliefs of others. Though I know—from first hand—the wonders of hypnosis, I will not aggressively attempt to convert someone into becoming a believer in hypnosis. I would, however, greatly welcome an open dialog in understanding where their resistance comes from.

I am actively engaged in the public eye; I talk to strangers all the time about The Calm Mind and about hypnosis. Those who simply put up a hand and walk away with, “Oh, you’re doing the Lord’s work!” should take a moment to listen to their words in this statement.

Yes, I am indeed doing the Lord’s work. And I know that he is thrilled by it, because I am helping others.

The Lord (our whomever) gave us this wonderful, natural gift called sleep. Hypnosis leads us into the top layer of sleep—the Alpha State. Ever fall asleep? If so, then you’ve experienced hypnosis.

Trance. Oh, such a word! Sends people running towards the exits.

Trance is actually mentioned in the Bible. Look in Acts 10:10, 11:5 and 22:17.

We’ve been given the gift of our senses. Are are you aware how fully your senses are engaged while we venture into a church, a sacred place including that most private of places: into prayer?

For example, lets look at stepping into a church.

Visual: The space is clean, illumination is controlled and usually soft; it comes from the yellow dance of a candle flame or the spectrum of hues of stained glass, or specular highlights generated by overhead lighting…shadows shift and grace the walls as the day advances….

Auditory: From silence to thunderous a choir and/or organ. Live music and PA systems are now common place…voices, sermons, words spoken that touch the soul…find your self drifting…know that people around you are not sleeping; they are listening far deeper than you realize…guided meditation…listen to the rhythm, cadence of the spoken word, listen to the use of silence…and the beauty of rest….

Kinesthetic: Stepping into sacred space is different that stepping into your bathroom isn’t it? Think of the seats in church…soft? Firm? The air…it’s different—cool, slightly damp damp perhaps? Aroma…there is a certain aroma in a place of worship…candles, incense, flowers…starch from vestments…stone, wood…the chilled font on a winter morning….

Are you aware that what you just experienced is hypnosis?

Are you aware the Alpha State surrounds and greets you everyday and every night?

Are you aware it is a gift from God?  A gift, much like your life and your faith?

With Awareness and Peace,


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Comment by Paul Hinsberger on June 2, 2012 at 10:32pm

Yes Neelam. And I find Religion in Hypnosis....

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