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Reiki and the force called Motivation – Dr. Paula Horan

Reiki, the hands on energy healing practice has been a vital part of my work in the last 25 years. When I embarked upon this journey of healing and self-exploration, I did not know that I would reach this far in my understanding, had it not been for Reiki and its touch of gentle awareness, I would not have found the insights that led me to accomplish my work as a student and teacher of Non Dual Awareness.

Reiki is simple yet mysterious like the creation itself. And it is a blessing that this energy is available to us today to guide our way through the chaos of the planetary transition. I have shared my extensive experience and understanding of Reiki in my books, but here I will share something, which is not just limited to Reiki practice, rather it applies for any spiritual or creative pursuit that you might be having.

For any effort to sustain and bear fruit, for any practice to become a way of life, for any essence to become fully manifested one needs to learn the art of self-motivation. Hundreds of seminars, books and other educational content are created on this subject and yet we all know how difficult it is for our mind to become attuned and focused with a practice, bringing consistency and intensity in the effort.

Motivation cannot be fostered without cultivating the right perspective about the practice and our role as the practitioner. To know the strengths and weaknesses of our mind, to know the pitfalls in the realm of thoughts and emotions, to realize the amount of effort needed to cultivate discipline, for all this we need to understand the highest aspect of Motivation. If we try to control or tame our mind, try to enforce discipline it does not work in the long term, only by natural spontaneous motivation driven by a higher purpose that itself is evolutionary and makes our awareness expand, only such a motivation can sustain itself and help our practice to become immaculate.

Motivation is a force for all our endeavors; however this force also needs a subtle force to work on it, which is the realization of the purpose. Reiki or Universal Life Force Energy when practiced with right perception and clarity brings this much-needed realization and thus the spark of highest motivation is ignited.

When this motivation is present inside us, it propels us to practice everything that is in accordance with our evolution. It helps us attain a holistic view of life and an awareness of our potential to manifest our fullness of being.

Had it not been for Reiki, I also would not have had the motivation to do the work that I have done. Reiki’s presence and influence in my life is the cause for successful journey that I had as a teacher and guide. So, I am sharing here an excerpt from my book ‘The Ultimate Reiki Touch’ which elucidates the mutual relationship between the practice of Reiki and the force of motivation. Each fosters the other and takes us forward into a fulfilling life.

Motivation is a very important aspect to understand and work on if we are serious about anything in life, because everything in our life is decided by the level and quality of our motivation. A life without motivation is stagnant and sick. So it is important that we learn about this essential element of every practice and what better way than to study it in the context of Reiki practice, as Reiki fosters motivation. I wish that this excerpt completely conveys the significance and true understanding of motivation and its role in any practice, so that the readers may be inspired to cultivate this perspective and make progress on their path.

“The most desirable motivation in life is to be helpful and responsible. It is also the most fitting motivation for Reiki. When we approach Universal Life Force Energy with the intention of helping ourselves and others, this altruistic impulse supports us in remaining open and receptive. When we are open and receptive, we do not tend to narrow the potential of the energy by trying to make it fit our perceptions and short sighted imagined needs, even treating ourselves with such openness is altruistic, because it deflates the selfish control of the mind by exposing it to the vastly beneficial presence of Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki blossoms and flourishes at its best when we take responsibility for our own well being. In fact, through the practice of Reiki, we express our firm conviction that, as vessels of Universal Life Force Energy, we ourselves are the creator and therefore responsible for our own health, happiness and welfare. Step by step, the more we venture into the healing powers of Reiki, we also cease being the victim of circumstances. Instead, we continue to grow into taking full responsibility, first for our physical health and emotional balance. Later we also learn to take responsibility for our entire life and all the circumstances we attract, never again blaming any outside force for whatever may occur.

This responsibility has nothing to do with an ego-inflated sense of false grandeur. Rather it amounts to a gentle surrender to the greater power that we truly are. It all begins with the simple wish to be helpful and responsible in our everyday lives. Over time, Reiki then naturally, influences us to wish for ourselves and all sentient beings, bliss and the cause of bliss, and to be freed of all suffering. Simultaneously it influences us to efficiently apply ourselves to the manifestation of that same intention.

Excerpted from an article by Dr. Paula Horan in the book “Holistic Wellness In The NewAge” available on Amazon

Dr. Paula Horan has a rich lineage of Reiki Masters traced right back to Dr. Usui, who placed a great importance not only on regular Reiki Practice but also on the importance of the Reiki Attitude. She has been a Traditional Reiki Master for the past 20 years teaching in America, Europe and Asia. Paula introduced Reiki to India in 1989. She is an author of numerous books on alternative healing & non-dual awareness. A long time disciple of Papaji, and for years, a Vajrayana Practitioner, she leads periodic seminars and Jnana Yoga Retreats


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