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Present Moment Awareness
The first step towards self healing of either emotional imbalances or physical ailments is to slow down. As we slow down we get a chance to perceive what is really happening in our lives. We can then better observe and understand our inner state of being and it’s mirror- our outer situation in life .Such understanding affords us the opportunity to to take responsibility and initiate the actions necessary to alter what is bothering us.
Illness often arises when we are too busy or overwrought to pay attention to the signals that point to where our true priorities lie. The causal factors of a common cold are a case in point. The two main reasons for ‘catching’ a cold are :
You are carrying a lot of grief or anger and have suppressed your need to cry and
You have submitted your body to too much stress, a deluge of toxins such as : air pollutants, alcohol, drugs( including unnecessary over the counter and prescription drugs), too much or unhealthy food.
All of these in concert with excess stress and /or lack of rest exhaust the immune system, which now needs to purge itself.
When you slow down, all of a sudden it becomes possible to feel your feelings again, the very ones you were ignoring in the first place. The neurotically busy pace of today’s lifestyle is designed to keep you asleep to your genuine feelings. When you can barely keep your head above water just to keep up, you will fail to notice what is really going on. When you are speeding along like a rat on a wheel , there is no time to reflect and feel.
When you slow down you also begin to get the first inkling of peace – the silent power that is with you all the time.In ordinary circumstances we simply do not notice , neither our innate peace or our own power , because we are never fully present , feeling what is happening Now.
When your mind is incessantly engaged in the games of the mind , either worrying or planning , you are bound to suffer. You are suffering, as you are not noticing what is the only existing reality- the eternal moment Now.
Peace, balance, harmony and health only exist in your awareness of the present moment. Therefore, to notice these qualities your attention needs to be focused, enabling you to directly experience whatever presents itself Now. However, you can only perceive and be fully present when your mind is in slow motion taking in everything consciously, rather than in the hypnotized fast track of future projection, which is nothing but product concocted from past memory.
For example, when you have a moment to reflect , you will observe that all the great plans you have made for the future are without exception, based on what you know in your past.. Thus again, ‘futurizing’ comes from memory, out of a past that is not Now.
This is not to say that you should not make plans for the future. It is fine to let your mind plan, and experience your life , as the body takes action to fulfill your plan. The secret to happiness is to participate fully in your life, but simultaneously notice that it is all just happening regardless of your delusion of yourself as the doer-or a separate entity.
All body/minds play out their roles in automatic mode, much like actors in a well rehearsed role. To understand this better, it helps to explore who you actually are, which is Consciousness playing with itself as a myriad of forms. Each body/mind has no real substance as has been demonstrated by quantum physics. It is merely a dream within Consciousness that seems to have a past, present and future.
Time( past, present and future) and space( as a container of things) seem to be real because of the five senses of the body .Everything seems to occur ,one after the other in a linear fashion. In truth, reality is more like the dream states you experience at night which appear out of nowhere. While you are totally identified with the dream, you naturally assume that each character has a past history of where they came from until that moment in the dream. You also have an idea of where they will most likely end up.
The dream seems so real but disappears the minute you wake up-similar to the process of living in the Now – your call to keep pulling yourself into present moment awareness.

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