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People don't fight over religion. They do not have true knowledge of religion, so they fight over their ego.

My heart cries when I see people fighting over religion. They try to prove whose religion is bigger. You can never grow in life or religion can also not grow by putting down someone else. No one fights over religion, everyone fights over ego. religion never needs someones protection or if it needed it would not have existed. We do not have knowledge of other religions and that is why we are stuck with our thoughts. Now we want to prove whatever we know is the highest, so without understanding the facts, we fight over religion. Its very sad to see that though we call India as a secular state but in schools,w e do not teach other religion or we do not teach equality. Sikh schools teach sikhism, Hindu schools teach ramayana and Gita and Convent schools teach christianity. Who is bothered about what the young and pure minds are taking in. Everyone is more busy in strengthening the things which they feel are right as per them. People who fight over religion actually have not understood religion. If you will understand a religion you would understand its teachings. Every religion has only one teaching be in love, to spread love and to feel love. It asks us to feel the God's love and to feel that in everyone and every being. Religion would never ask taht you kill on the name of religion. We all are born as humans so we all have one religion, rest all is created by us to propogate our ego. Now in whatever form ego does that, we do that too.

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