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The Transcendental Game of Zen

Zen knows only a vast life

which contains all kinds of contradictions

in a deep harmony.

The night is in harmony with the day,

And life is in harmony with death,

And the earth is in harmony with the sky.

The presence is in harmony with the absence.

This immense harmony,

This synchronicity,

is the essential manifesto of Zen.

This is the only way of life which respects

and loves,

and denies nothing, condemns nothing.

OSHO: The Zen Manifesto

Tarot as a science is so vast yet it is so simple. As simple as listening. But listening is a skill which we seem to have forgotten in the humdrum of egos. There is a stark difference between hearing and listening. Listening is that skill which allows you to hear the song of nature, the song of wind, the song of your beating heart and the many stories it tells. It allows you to hear your INNER VOICE.

I say Tarot is simple because all you have to do is listen to that inner voice in response to the cards you pick.

Your inner voice connects you to the Cosmic Sea which contains the vast knowledge of everything, everyone and each of the three divisions of time – past, present and future. It cannot be proven until the truth of the inner voice is seen with our physical eyes just like no one believed the Norse God Odin’s prophecies until they came true. (Odin was channelized the Rune symbols which are till date used for Divination and predictions)

No one actually knows how Tarot works or how our inner voice or intuition is able to guide us accurately. Many have propounded theories, scientific facts based on quantum physics and psychology (Carl Jung), but has anyone ever found out what makes the Heart beat, which force makes us alive? There are many things known to our human minds yet there are so many more things unknown and incomprehensible to us.

The knowledge of Tarot comes from those deep recesses of the Universe. Its uncanny ability to depict the truth makes it a perfect mirror to view our Soul and our journey through these lives.

When students begin their journey through the world of Tarot, they tend to be baffled by the variety of Tarot card decks available in the market. Each tarot deck has merits of its own. The need for this variety arose because everyone perceives life in a different manner. In scientific or metaphysical terms, each one of us resonates with a different frequency. Each Tarot deck also resonates with its own frequency. Therefore different tarot decks have come up so you can pick and choose whichever resonates well with you. There is no right or wrong deck.

One of the many Tarot cards available is the Osho Zen Tarot cards which are based on the teachings of Osho, the Zen Master. During the course of 3 years of talks to disciples and friends, Osho brought light and fresh insight on the teachings of world’s great sages, scriptures and Vedic teachings. He concentrates on the unique wisdom of Zen because he says,

Zen is one spiritual tradition whose approach to the inner life of human beings has weathered the test of time and is still relevant to the contemporary humanity”

Zen insists on the unique capacity of every human being to reach enlightenment (freedom from the illusions of ego created by mind) by meditation.

The buddha is nobody’s monopoly, it is nobody’s copyright. It is everybody’s innermost being. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to be a buddha. To be a Buddha transcends all concepts of religions; it is everybody’s birthright. Persuade it to come along with you, to your daily activities, so everything in your life becomes a meditation, a grace, a beauty, a benediction.

OSHO: No Mind: The Flowers Of Eternity

Osho Zen Tarot cards have been designed by Ma Deva Padma, Osho’s disciple. The first striking feature of these cards is that there are 79 cards (as against 78 cards in most other traditional decks). The Master Card has been added as this allows us to leave the spiral (a journey of self discovery) behind, to take a jump off the wheel of death and rebirth. It symbolizes the ultimate transcendence.

The names of most of the cards are different from other usual decks (especially the Major Arcanas). The ‘Magician’ becomes the ‘Existence’, the ‘High Priestess’ is called ‘Inner Voice’, the ‘World’ is named ‘Completion’.

It is not a traditional tarot in the sense that the cards are more contemplative in nature revealing the undercurrents of one’s life. They are in fact a wakeup call to honour and listen to your sensitivity, intuition, courage and receptivity. When one reads Osho Zen Tarot, one receives startling insights into one’s life, thought patterns, attitudes and reasons for one’s present situation.

The only change you can ever bring about is in yourself. Osho Zen Tarot helps you grow and move on in the journey of life which reveals your true calling, your life’s purpose and assists you in every step on how to reach it.

It is definitely not an over-night process. It takes time to release and let go, to surrender one’s ego to the Universe and hold the hand of one’s inner voice on the day-to-day journey towards transcendence and liberation.

Go lightly and playfully, from the peaks to the valleys and back to the peaks again, savouring every step of the way. Learn from your mistakes and you can’t go wrong.”

With Grace and Light

Meetu Sehgal

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