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One day everyone would be enlightended, like one day every child passes out of school.

This is a very good news. Every soul learns and grows to be one with the divine. Like every student finally clears the school, some clear with lesser marks, some with more, some clear in more number of years and some clear in first attempt, depending on the student’s potential, every one clears. Same way, every soul finally reaches to 100% awareness level to merge into divine. So first of all stop being scared and worried about the fact that what if it does not happen. Sooner or later it would happen because every soul is designed to move towards light and to be enlightened. Even if one soul does not reach, the body of consciousness would not be completed. It would be an incomplete evolution or enlightenment. Its same like one part of your body stays small and rest everything grows, then the person becomes crippled, same way, even if one soul is not evolved to reach to 100% awareness level, the consciousness would be crippled. So stop worrying about the fact that what if you do not reach to that level, what if you do not reach to beatitude or achieve Moksha and such super hyped things. Sooner or later you would reach there. Keep working on what all you have to do and focus on what best you can do and what best you can learn in this school. Because the journey can never end, so you cannot give up, thinking that you can never reach to that level. The frame of reference shrinks, when you look at life from the limited numbers of years which you can see but the frame is much bigger and every soul has individual journey. So do not be scared and do what it takes you to move towards light.

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