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Sun-sun is the source of life force energy ;;it is the symbol of male energy ,hot ,energetic n strong ;;just by imagining its golden light a human can feel charged;; feel the golden light on your third eye ;;;;;      Moon-moon is the symbol of female energy ;calm n relaxed ;getting ready again for another charged day ,feel the silver or white energy surrounding your body ;;;;;;;Trees -this source of energy makes us feel the importance of love n growth;;;Flowers -charge our love force firstly towards existence then towards manly world ;;;they give us the message of beauty n love .Birds -they make us feel light n free ;to be bird or to fly one has to be light n free at heart;;;Animals -they make us feel the importance of brain n body existence has given us;;Water-water teaches us how to flow freely;;it  teaches us to let go things;;;Fire-be energetic like fire ;;;Air-free flowing n light like air;;;;Earth-solid n strong like earth;;;Sky-huge n endless like sky;;;;;;HUMAN------MAN IS GIFTED WITH BUDDHI  ;;;;;;EVERY HUMAN CAN USE THIS N BECOME BUDDH;;;;;THIS AATMA HAS TO BE MERGED IN PRAMATMA;;;(NATURUL ENERGIES  ARE UNCONDITIONAL ;;;THEY ARE FOR ONE N FOR ALL ;;;;SO SHOULD WE LEARN ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;);LOVE N LIGHT TO ALL;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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Comment by Bindu Rajalekshmi on February 13, 2012 at 3:12pm

Everyone and everything is part of supreme consciousness, pure energy. Thank you for interpreting  universe in this way. Grateful to you


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