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I am an explorer in the field of Spirituality. I have been meditating and doing various self growth programmes for past few years. I got interested in  Astral Projection 1 year back. It started me on quest for right method on Astral Projection. I started studying all that I could get on this subject and found that some basic principles are important in success of Astral Projection. Let me share these principles so that you can use them if you want to try Astral Projection.

  • Deep Relaxation both physical and,mental is very important for the success of Astral projection. For this progressive relaxation, shav asan and deep trance is very helpful
  • Activation of astral body is required for separation of Astral Body from Physical Body
  • With this we reach a state in which our physical body is on verge of sleep and mind is awake and active. This is called Body Asleep and Mind Awake state.
  • At this point of time it is helpful to use our imagination or affirmation that one is out of body . You can visualise that you are standing 10 ft away from your physical body
  • This can activate astral; body and induce projection of astral body. 
  • The signs of astral projection or exit signs can be-Sleep paralysis, Loud sounds,Vibrations in body and awareness of astral body separating from Physical Body.

I practised above principles diligently for 2 months when I had my first Astral projection.

I was practising in morning and was in middle of my session. I had reached body sleep and mind awake state . I partially feel asleep when I became aware that I was in a strange state . My astral body had separated from hands feet and buttocks but  head and upper body was still stuck to my physical body.  I was perplexed at this. I had never thought that Astral body can separate partially and can be stuck at places. I felt like new born struggling to be delivered , facing difficulties in disengaging  from the birth canal. 

I was struggling to separate from physical body but it was difficult to disengage. Ultimately I gave up all struggle and decided to fall asleep. I was drifting in sleep when I became aware of a tug and sensation as if something is moving. I became aware that my Astral body had separated from physical body and I was standing out in room. I was thrilled to have this experience.  My astral body started to move in the room and as I reached  the door I wanted to open the door but I could not open it. I was trying to open but the door would not open. Then I pushed myself against the door. I went through the door  and started drifting outside. This was my first experience of Astral Projection.

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