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Message For The Healers / Psychotherapists / Psychologists / Psychiatrists - Rita Soman

If you have a technique that actually heals your clients/patients, where they’ve internalized really healthy spiritual and cognitive and therapeutic messages, great. If you can really heal them and send them on their way and then they lead fulfilling lives, excellent. But if there are limitations to what you can do, if your clients aren’t able to go out from therapy and be independent, then maybe you should look into PSYCH-K® process? 

Ignorance can kill us or, at the very least, kill our spirit. It is incumbent upon us, as professionals/healers to educate ourselves with the latest technologies, methods and processes to help those who come to us with great hope.

What Is PSYCH-K® ?

PSYCH-K® is a profound and energizing experience. With this process people are able to tap into their core self-definitions. We do that with a series of new suggestions, new definitions. It’s almost like post hypnotic suggestions where these new definitions replace the old ones. With this process we get to the embedded anxiety, that place of fear where they have a conflict on some unconscious level that’s triggering the anxiety to continue with their self sabotaging behaviors. We get to that. We heal that. Now their conscious mind which wants to succeed, be happy, have healthy relationships, be prosperous and self-confident, is linked up with their subconscious mind which no longer sabotages them and is totally in alignment with the plan to achieve their goals.

We are having PSYCH-K Workshops In Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore 

Here is the link to register for my workshops:

Love & Blessings!

Rita Soman

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