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When we see the word "Silence" written anywhere , our mind strikes the meaning as alone or abandoned.Is the meaning of "Silence" we interpret is really correct Or more than that? What exactly Silence is?

Silence is a state. Silence is essence of life. Silence is life .We can'nt feel joy without Silence.It is achievable but
in modern society & fast running life we ignore the importance of Silence.It is within us.We can'nt search Silence because it is characteristic of us.If you go for searching silence you will fail.It is essence of soul.You would not alone or
abandoned in "Silence mode". But you will foundyourself very near to "You"."You" is not your body or mind.Silence will
ensure you that you are not only body or mind but more than that.Need to maintain distances between "You" & "Your
Body".Mirror also become helpless to show your image when you are very very near to or overlap to mirror. Same thing
happening to your inner being and body.You are overlapping your body over your soul,that is why you can'nt see your soul. You thought you are only body that is called "Maya".

Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Geeta "Godess Maya is also mine". Maya is curtain,when we will clear the curtains ,the whole universe would seems very different as we thought earlier.

In Silence mode you are able to think beyond mind."Dhyaana" also achieved in this state.It happens nobody can forcefully do "Dhyaana" or "Meditation". Its not external matter.


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