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Manifestations by Affirmations-Mastering the science of Affirmations

Affirmations are used for bringing changes in our state of mind,life conditions and relationships. We often read about using these affirmations in many self help books. Many of us would have tried these affirmations but with little results. How do we use these affirmations so that they can bring about deeper changes?

First understand that the affirmations work if we are vibrating at higher frequency . So to begin the affirmation start with " I am That I am, I am Spirit who has chosen to incarnate on this planet for increasing soul frequency. I have chosen this life situation to understand some laws of spirit world, and I intend to master my lessons at an accelerated pace. I am Spirit, I am Love,I am Consciousness"

 Repeat this affirmation few times to increase your auric frequency.

 Next acknowledge your present state of mind which is obstructing your manifestations. Lets  say you are feeling frustrated and hopeless about your project manifesting. So affirm" Even if I am feeling frustrated and  hopeless about this project manifesting , I allow myself to fully feel this , but I keep myself expanded and flowing and allow higher world to manifest and change in most efficient way."

This will allow the lower frequency vibrations to be accepted and transformed into higher vibrations. Only if we fully accept  and acknowledge our lower aspect can we transcend them.

 Then affirm" I release all that is blocking my project to fulfill. I open to higher wisdom and guidance I deeply allow full manifestation of my project in the most efficient way.

End with" I am That I am. I allow this shift on all levels. I allow this change to be in alignment with my higher self.I thank whole universe for this wonderful gift. ":

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Comment by sanghamitra sau(sengupta) on June 12, 2011 at 1:21pm
beautiful...a prayer devoted to superconscious energy

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