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Kwan yin is a Buddhist goddess. She is the goddess of mercy, compassion and unconditional love. She works very well especially with children and females. She herself chooses the person, she wants to initiate and she is always present in all her workshops. She herself does the initiation. Magnified healing helps in healing our karmas, relations, and past lives blocks. This healing magnifies our healing energies. When I got my 1st initiation, from goddess Kwan yin, I felt tremendous flow of energies in my heart chakra. That was a wonderful experience.

After getting this initiation, our connection with angels and ascended masters becomes much stronger. The person, who gets the initiation, has to practice for 11 days to attune with the energies of Kwan yin. If he is not serious in his practice and skips a single day, he will have to practice for another 11 weeks.

Before this initiation, I used to have muscular pain in my right arm. During the time period of those 11 days, my pain got increased. I was not able to move my arm properly, those 11 days were like 11 months for me, and I was not able to continue my practice. Somehow I completed my practice. On the 12th day, there was no pain in my arm. It was like a magic and I was really very happy. After that I never had that pain again.

That was my experience with goddess Kwan yin.

Kwan yin always protects the weak and innocent people, and specially those whom she herself chooses for her initiation. It’s really wonderful to work with goddess Kwan yin and her energies.

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