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Do you believe in Miracles?

 May be , they exist, I am going to share with you one real story of miracles manifesting.

 In early 1963 Three friends Peter Caddy, Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean following their inner guidance left their job in a Hotel at Cluny and moved to a remote village in Findhorn. Findhorn is in Northern Scotland and surrounded by North Sea, near Arctic . It  is like a sea beach with little growing  on the sandy beach of Findhorn and the harsh climate with salt laden wind makes sure nothing much grows on this beach. These three friends moved in a Caravan and found a spot in Findhorn to station themselves.They were planning to return back to their work after a small break and retreat.

Eileen and Dorothy both were into meditation and inner guidance . As they were in solitude cut off from all distractions, they started inner practises. Eileen received inner guidance to start gardening in that area. So all of them followed inner call and started cultivating in Findhorn. But to their dismay nothing would thrive in desert and harsh climate. At this juncture Dorothy Maclean got in touch with natuer spirits or Deva of that place. The nature spirit started guiding the group into practical aspects of gardening.

 With persistent efforts and perseverance the entire place transformed in blooming forest in 10 years time. By 1970 many wild plants trees, and tropical vegetations  started growing in that place. Scientists have no explanations how even tropical plants and trees are thriving in poor arid soil unsupported by climate. All this is by just a group of crazy guys  who dared to listen to their inner voice, talked to devas and communicated with plants and insects.

Presently Findhorn is a big eco village with ever expanding community of above 500 residents .

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