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Love story of two eternal lovers.... 'Truth' and 'Love'

Love stories we all love. And ‘their’ love story couldn't exist without the other. ‘They’  being, 'Truth' and 'Love'.


Today I'll tell you a love story, a story that every heart knows but very few look deeper into it. 


It’s the love story of 'Truth' and 'Love'. They've played beloved since lifetimes. At times they meet and other times,part ways. And when either of them decide to part ways, the hurt is deep, the ache is extreme.


Simply because they, can never be  parted.


Truth is simple, as simple as love. Hence, complex.


What goes haywire is that we start to look at truth as the ‘eternal' truth. Yes, that also exists. But for the time being till we delve deeper into the wisdom of unconditional love, its best to stick to our 'own' truths. This way when we understand that the eternal truth is the same, always. We also understand deeply that 'our' truth can be different from the 'others' truth. 


We usually get stuck up in the concept of the other person not seeing the truth. Well, they might be too, or might not be. If they are and yet you are unable to comprehend their explanations it is quiet possible that they are seeing 'Their' truth and you, 'Your's'. Now who's truth is bigger and better is a debate that can carry on which in the end will have a very simple answer..... ;-)


For the ones who can 'see', how would a car on the road appear to a person who's standing on the seventh floor and to the one who's on the first floor?

The perception of events is just that. On which floor one is standing at a particular phase of their life or in a particular area of their life will colour their truths accordingly. Yes, maybe the truth also has a colour. And neither floor is better than the other, it just is a floor.



This understanding and acceptance of our uniqueness and the other person’s uniqueness of truth often opens door for more love to seep in. Hence I said what I said, Truth and  Love being beloveds. For when we understand and experience one, the other automatically accompanies.



And now Love, a word that makes the heart grow wider with its very essence, Love.


I will talk of the love I have experienced, seen around, talked of, heard of, felt, noticed. 


In one word, its 'beautiful'. That's what it makes us do, see 'beauty' all around in every person in every thing. And to feel that you don't need to be 'in' love with another person. Just try loving the various people in You.


You want people to love you, have you loved all the people in You first?


We are not one single thought, one single feeling, one single emotion, so how can we be one single person?

There are many facets to us. And the first task to getting love in our life, is to make all these facets of yours first fall in love with each other and then slowly, the 'You' will emerge and will call out to you someday.


Somewhere near you, 'YOU' reside... :-)


Just as you are waiting for it, 'it' too is waiting for 'You' to see it, feel it, love it.


Leaving with a simple tip of life..... see 'your' truth and love 'your' facets, and see how 'your' life dances.

Love and Truth,


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Comment by Ankur Acharya on February 27, 2013 at 5:45pm

Thank you for this post, Madam, and thank you for the Bibliomancy workshop that you conducted. I liked both.
With regards,

Comment by Amrisha Ahuja on June 26, 2012 at 2:48pm

Thank you Ashutosh :-)

Comment by Ashutosh on June 3, 2012 at 1:02pm

WOW! Great Post & Thoughts Amrisha!

Keep up the Great work & Emit Love, Always!

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