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Love is a state of awareness in which you realize own truth.

I am often asked this question that what is love and when most of the people ask me this question they are limited to the love for one person be it their spouse, mother, father, friend etc. However, they have a distorted perception or very limited perception of love. First of love is not an emotion, it gives rises to many emotions. A person who is in love experiences all the emotions which exist, from hate to love and from happiness to pain. A person who has experienced love will always be in love. Why even after getting pain again and again people want to stay in love, it’s simple, a person in love is in supreme state of awareness. He is connected to own realself and to the supreme God. When we share love, we share Universal truth and this relation of love should be shared with everyone and everything. The things which we consider as non living beings are equally alive. Everything is made of 5 basic elements and these 5 elements are made up of God. So basically everything is made up of God, then how can something be not live. So always share of relationship of love. So that you can bring its real nature out and that can happen only when something feels love or else it would keep becoming more and more dead. Absence of love creates death. It can be slow or it can be sudden. So when someone feels he or she doesn’t have love, then they should look closely. May be they are not receiving love from one particular person they want but without love we wont be alive because that is what we are. God did not create hell because he would never want us to be punished, a hell was created because in those vibrations there was an absence of love. So wherever, we feel there is an absence of love, we are experiencing hell.

Love brings a person alive, love brings the beauty of a person alive and love connects us to our supreme being that is God. Love is the state of awareness in which we realise who we are and why we are here. If someone hasn’t experienced love, he/she hasn’t experienced the realself. The final and the first stage of awareness in love is for the supreme being, in which we realise who we are and then we experience the divine magic of love. Once someone has experienced true love, that person would always stay in love because that would be so unconditional and pure that no other bliss can even come near to that.

If you want to experience love then become love and feel the love in everyone and everything. See how much you are always loved and then you will be able to give same love to everyone and everything. Love does not demand, it knows how to give. Love only knows how to love. Rest all are created by us. Love is always pure and absolute. It can heal anything and it can create anything.

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