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IMRS - Super Food for Mental and Physical Health

This write-up is based on personal sharing and real life experiences that helped us achieve complete MIND-BODY-SOUL BALANCE.

As humans, our deepest desire is to finally move towards happier and healthier life – Anonymous

So I hope this article benefits you, your loved ones. And help you to move towards happier and healthier life.

Modern times have brought many gains. However, many of these gains came at a cost that we are continuously paying for. Just a simple device such as cell phone which has apparently become our lifeline comes with the cost of ‘causing harmful effects on body’.

The Wireless Technology was devised in 1880 by Alexander Graham Bell and Sumner Tainted when the photo phone invented. Nowadays, there are many types of wireless devices being used for communication such as Cell Phones, Bluetooth device, Ipad, Laptops, Digital cameras, Tablet Pc, Audio Player, etc.

These devices use electromagnetic radiation to receive and send the data through the air, either it is sound data or network data. In the process, the device is emitting harmful radiations that affect human body. Such radiations are present everywhere that we cannot neither feel nor see. Scientist call them electro-smog or the dangerous Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF).

These radiations penetrate in our body and effect on the cell’s DNA to an extent that continuous exposure to harmful radiation can change the DNA itself. Different devices emit different kind of radiation from 3 kHz to 300 GHz.

These harmful radiations causes diseases such as Male Infertility, miscarriage risk, Brain Tumor, Ear Hearing Impairment, effect on fetus, increasing risk of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Heart disease, asthma, insomnia, leukemia, high blood pressure, birth defects, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more.

Now, we cannot or may not be able to let go of these devices due to modern lifestyle but what we can do is – Consume more of Earth’s magnetic frequency instead of dangerous EMF’s coming from man-made devices!

Did you know that apart from food, water, sunlight and oxygen, there is yet another element which is equally vital for health and is often overlooked – The Earth’s magnetic field and its corresponding PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)

The two main components of Earth’s PEMFs – the Schumann and Geomagnetic frequencies are so essential that NASA and Russian Space Programs equip their spacecraft with devices that can replicate these frequencies.

These frequencies are absolutely necessary for human body’s circadian rhythms, energy production and keeping the body free from pain. In short, these frequencies work on the very basic cell level by helping in – Nutrient uptake by cells, toxic release from cells, pH control in body, DNA activity, Enzyme activation, Protein synthesis and Antioxidant activity.

The scientists today call it the ‘fifth element’ of health – other than of course food, water, sunlight, oxygen.

From the beginning, Earth’s PEMF has been our Electronic Nutrition and has kept our body’s healthy and vital until the two way problem arose –

When the man-made devices came in, our body just like a sponge absorbed both the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency and the harmful EMF’s coming from devices.

Eventually, as the urbanization and commercialization increased, we slowly lost touch with Earth’s magnetic field – confined to concrete buildings, surrounded by electronics and appliances, towers, depriving ourselves from walking barefoot on ground, etc.

As a result, today our bodies are mostly exposed to dangerous electromagnetic frequencies.

There are many diseases that are only emerging as a result of absence of Earth’s PEMF.

In the past 10 years the American Medical Association (AMA) studies have shown that Earth’s magnetic frequency are a great source of relief for joints, muscles, headaches, and pain associated with Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia. Kyoichi Nadagawa -- One of the world’s foremost authority on the magnetism, claims that the degrading of the earth’s magnetic field combined with man’s electronic environment is responsible for “Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.”


Symptoms include stiffness of the shoulder, back, neck, uncertain lower back pain, and chest pains for no specific reason, habitual headaches, dizziness, and general fatigue, various inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis. arthrosis, gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis.


Is that the reason why most of us feel fatigue, tired and restless?


Why do we keep complaining about headaches and stress?


The answer is simple -- Our bodies lost its Natural Healing abilities because the ‘super food’ which is essential for the working of our cells is missing from our Life!


This isn’t a knowledge that I gathered randomly. This is something I learned when Universe or GOD (whatever you believe in) put me into a scary situation. It was the morning after my dad had returned from his medical conference. He travelled by train. Felt exhausted. By the time he reached home, he complained of severe body aches, followed by shivering and sudden onset of fever. This went on for 4 days until the blood reports concluded it as ‘Chikungunya’, a virus infection that causes fever, headaches, severe muscle pains and joint pains that lasts for months.  


Since I had heard about PEMF therapy and how it restores body’s natural healing abilities, I immediately rented the device. And my father (aged 64) started using it. Within three days, he recovered completely. With no fever and hardly any muscle pain and joint pain. He was fit to join back the hospital and shared this phenomenal information with his fellow doctors.


It was a miraculous three day journey which made us realize the importance of PEMF Therapy.


Being a medical practitioner, my father knows that the Body was designed to heal itself. For example, if you cut your finger, it bleeds, a scab forms and it heals. The incredible working of this body is simply understood by the fact that it makes 2.5 million red blood cells every second and 2,50,000 white blood cells every seconds. Now, these cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs and organs make up organ.


Now are you providing the basic nutrient to your cells so that they make better tissues, organs and a healthy body?



IMRS Device developed by Swiss Bionic Solutions Company provides Earth compatible PEMF energy to the whole body.

This intelligent device has a build in system that carries the names of 5000 plus health conditions and the frequencies necessary to heal that particular condition.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy may be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine.”
- Dr. David Williams, Alternatives for the Health Conscious Individual – (March 2004)

This is not just a treatment device. It is a Lifestyle Device.

Just consider it as important as brushing your teeth.

We don’t brush our teeth when we have toothache or some other infection in our gums.

We brush our teeth everyday so that we keep our teeth and gums healthy.

We highly encourage people to keep this as Home device and use it for entire family.

We highly encourage Counselors, Holistic Healers, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Acupuncturist, Naturopathy doctors and even Allopathic doctors to use them at their respective clinics/centers so that the recover process of patient is fastened.

We highly recommend people to come, associate with us and set up ‘Intelligent Wellness Lounges’; a pioneering concept with which you can provide excellent Holistic Health Care and become a part of booming ‘Wellness Market’.


For more information about IMRS Device, PEMF Therapies in India and Intelligent Wellness Lounges –

Contact Sandeep Goswamy +91 9818181991

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