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I have read many books on Law Of Attraction & also "The Secret" . I'm not getting the desired results always.. Do I need to attend this workshop?

Question : I have read many books on Law Of Attraction & also "The Secret" . I'm not getting the desired results always.. Do I need to attend this workshop?

Ans: Exactly ! Because you are not getting the desired results always ! The Law is working all the time!​

When we become enlightened to a new way of thinking, it’s easy to believe that devouring all the information we can about it, will translate to the results we want.

In the case of Law of Attraction (LOA), millions around the world have been inspired by the teachings, speakers, and other mediums dedicated to it. Many have taken the first steps to changing the way they perceive life, in order to achieve goals, enhance prosperity, or simply be happier. With so many people doing so, why is it that so few see the positive change they want?

Mona’s three-day experiential workshop will help you understand exactly why you’re not seeing the changes you want even though you think you’re following every rule to the letter, or reading all the right books. This workshop will change the state of your being to automatically achieve results and to get a glimpse of what you’ll be experiencing, here are some of the things you’ll learn about:

Focus on Feelings

How do you feel right now? Consider this for a moment and answer honestly. You see, a major part of LOA garnering success in your life, is based on feeling. Still, much of the material on the subject—while valuable—puts greater emphasis on thoughts, or continuously visualizing or constantly affirming the results you want in order to see success.

Feelings, positive or negative, are fuelled by our thoughts. When we are conflicted or are too focused on negative thoughts, this is perpetuated in our behaviour and life-view. In the same way, positive thoughts inspire happy feelings which promote vibrations that embrace the goodness around us.

When we first begin learning about Law of Attraction, we are often bogged down with the desire to ensure that each of our thoughts is positive. It’s even worse on those days that seem to just not be going our way and we worry ourselves sick because our thoughts might not exactly be the best. Consider this: If we’re so busy fretting and fighting to have positive thoughts, to the point where we induce anxiety and fear within, how are we supposed to feel good? The answer is, we won’t.  

We can think about getting that new job all day long, but if we don’t feel we’re going to get it, we’re doing the opposite of what we want to achieve. What we are thinking must match up with what we are feeling, especially as attraction is primarily rooted in feelings. The more we battle ourselves to produce good thoughts, effectively bringing on frustration in the process, the further away we go from what we actually want.

It’s the same with positive affirmations, which are a great way to have a continuous focus on the things you want to manifest in your life. However, repeating affirmations and not believing—feeling—they’re actually going to happen, is like telling a dog to sit then giving it a treat when it doesn’t listen.

Life is not always a smooth ride and we will face challenges along the way. These mustn’t be turned into reasons to abandon your desire to maintain positive thoughts and feelings. When the bad ones filter through, try to focus on something good, something that makes you laugh, or feel warm inside. More importantly, stay away from those things that promote bad thoughts and feelings in your life.

In our workshop, you’ll gain a better understanding on how to focus more on feelings, instead of just constantly thinking and visualizing results. You’ll learn the importance of doing things that make you feel great as a way to curb those negative feelings. The wonderful thing is that the more you do it, even when you have bad days it won’t affect you as much as before, because you’ll be ready to combat it with your legion of positive energy—those things that inspire and edify.


Something’s Always Happening

Before you started on the path to learning about Law of Attraction, what was going on in your life? You were working, going to school, chilling with friends, whatever you were doing, life was passing by day-by-day, not stopping for you or anyone else at any time. Now you know about LOA and you’re completely taken by the principles, you feel good, things are looking up, and there’s constant positive progress in your life. Then all of a sudden, a day passes, or a month or maybe even three, where it seems like that’s all stalled. You think to yourself, “Isn’t this working anymore? I’ve done everything I’m supposed to.” The answer is Law of Attraction never stops.

It feels incredible when everything lines up for us. There are days when we see dreams we’ve worked on for years finally coming to fruition and it’s all we can do to contain the excitement. When we don’t get that same high at every turn, with every new move, business venture or so on, it can be easy to feel like we’ve failed. Like it was a one-off, or that our time in the sun was great, but now it’s over. The problem with being this way is that inevitably we start giving in to bad thoughts, which in turn promote negative feelings and can interrupt us from getting what we want.

This workshop will explain how you can deal with these feelings when they come on. We’ll delve into the importance of striving for good feelings even when we don’t feel like it, and why it’s so necessary to always try to be in a good frame of mind, so we’re ready to take on self-imposed negativity.


The Importance of Feeling Good

You may be noticing a recurring theme by now that is strongly based on allowing ourselves to feel good, as a way to really manifest what we want.

Each of us needs to take particular actions in order to achieve the positive results we crave. For a cook who wants to be a great chef, it might be trying a difficult recipe each day, for a singer who wants to be famous, it could be taking voice lessons five times a week to improve their talent, and so on. As you read this you’re probably thinking about the action you take in your quest to reach your goals.

Often though, we convince ourselves that to get what we want, it doesn’t matter if these actions make us feel bad. We tell ourselves our climb up the career ladder is necessary, even though it’s stressing us out. We make ourselves believe we can’t quit something we hate, because we’ve been doing it for years. In so doing, we’re actually pushing ourselves away from our goals.

In our workshop, you’ll find out how to make sure your actions are not only promoting good results, but making you feel good too. You’ll realise that it’s alright to stop those things that negatively affect you, and that you’ll actually speed up the train to manifestation lane, by simply focusing on feeling good. 


Forget About the Haters

How often do you go gushing to others about something that has inspired you, that thing you’re really excited about, only to feel like death warmed over by the time the conversation ends? Tonnes of times right? The thing is, just because you’re evolving and moving into a different, better stage of your life, doesn’t mean the rest of the world—even those closest to you—are going to understand, or even care.

As we grow, it takes time to get rid of the old beliefs that we so ardently held onto over the course of our lives. We can easily find ourselves reverting to actions, thoughts, and feelings that we would rather not, just because we’re not completely changed—not quite yet. Imagine then how much more difficult we make this for our emerging selves, when we continuously try to ‘convert’ others, or make them understand this wonderful feeling we have all because of something called LOA. “Wait what now?” You’ve heard that before too right?

This workshop will not only empower you to continue on your new path, arming you with the tools necessary to truly understand and utilize LOA, but you’ll also learn how to avoid doubters who will rain on your parade and could even make you give up on your new, successful life. 

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Comment by Nikhil Khurana on January 10, 2016 at 11:48pm

'The Secret' was a beginning to focus on the Law of Attraction, and now we need to go into the details to apply it successfully in our lives. I am now realising that it is more about a certain state of 'being' than anything else. We need to 'become' that which attracts what we want in our lives. Incidentally, Mona, I saw a video of yours a few weeks ago, and you were looking really happy, relaxed and passionate about the coming workshops in India, and I wish you all the best in helping lots of people attracting their cherished desires.

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