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I am beautiful, you are beautiful, this world is beautiful.

This world is a reflection of what you are inside. If you find any shortcoming inside you, you find that in everyone or let's say you try to find that in anyone. It may be an ego drive too because you are trying to put down others in that. A person who lies thinks that everyone lies, a thief thinks everyone is a thief and a saint thinks that everyone is a saint. You see what you feel inside and that is what you want to see as that is where you want to feel connected. If you find something is not so beautiful, that is inside you. If you feel you are beautiful, everything else becomes beautiful. Every person becomes beautiful for you and this entire world becomes beautiful. Now the beauty is not what we see in conventional terms, this is the beauty which is eternal beauty. Its the beauty of the creation, beauty if love and this beauty makes everything beautiful. The air, the water, the sun, the earth, the mountains, the rivers and we are a part of that creation too. It does not matter what something or someone looks like, everything created is beautiful. So if you dont find that beauty, it means there is some impurity in your perception or thoughts and you need to purify your thoughts for that. To change that you need to be more aware of own thoughts. The moment you are aware of everything, you are able to decide what you want to choose.

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