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Hypnosis and Oral Surgery: A true story

This is a true story…

My son, age 14, recently was scheduled to have a tooth extracted (it lay behind one of his front teeth and the root nearly entered into his sinus cavity). What transpired is one of those experiences that makes me so very happy to have the knowledge of hypnosis and NLP.

My son is a courageous young man, regardless that his first visit to a dentist when he was a wee one resulted in an extraction of a baby tooth.

On Monday of the week of this scheduled procedure (Friday), I put my son into my Calm Mind #1 hypnosis session: Deep Relaxation with a lingering after effect. Once I brought him out of hypnosis, we talked about the experience. As agreed upon, I gave him an NLP anchor on the knuckle of his left pinky. What this did is that once this anchor was touched, he would return into the deep state of relaxation given to him in hypnosis. Normally, one creates this anchor after having either experienced (either actual or reconstructed) stressful event. In this particular case, he went from deeply relaxed to deeply relaxed….

On Tuesday, I induced him into hypnosis and suggested his body would gracefully accept the anesthesia they would be giving him and that his body would use it as needed and then release it with grace…..

On Wednesday, we went to the dental office where the procedure would take place. While I spoke the receptionist (where I learned or Friday appointment was actually a consultation that could become a procedure), I had my son press on the NLP anchor. When we left, my son told me that the anchor worked and that he was incredibly relaxed; he felt his body totally decompress when he pressed the anchor.

I took him home and gave him another short session, this one focused on the self healing properties of the body, and that his body would mend quickly. Other suggestions included: minimal blood flow from the wound (just the perfect amount required to heal) and minimal swelling that would dissipate in 2 days….

The day before the procedure, another hypnosis session, this one: Calm Mind session #3: Restful sleep.

Friday: day of the procedure. My son is fasting. I pick him up at school when lunch begins (12:10) and we go straight to the dental office. The oral surgeon comes to this office one day a month to do the procedures and then sees patients the following week. My son’s appointment is at 1:30; he is the first patient after the office re-opens from lunch. I hear the nurse inform this young doctor that we are his 1:30 patient and the doctor states he will be back in 45 minutes. I set my alarm on my cell phone for 40 minutes.

As we wait, my son is pressing the NLP anchor. I’ve seen the signs before…his mother arrives, small chat is made, and with 15 minutes to go, I put my son into hypnosis is the now becoming crowded waiting room.

The nurse calls us; I awaken my son and off we go fr consultation with the oral surgeon, who had not yet met my son nor was he familiar with what was going on.

The doctor spends about 10 seconds trying to build rapport with my son, while asking me all the questions when it was my son’s mother who had all the answers. Turns out the doctor strongly suggests that all four wisdom teeth also be removed since my son is getting braces.

My son! He looked at me with eyes the size of saucers…then, much to my horror, the doctor starts talking about the procedure in gory details and fully ignores the fact that my son is sitting in the chair, hearing all of this.

I immediately tell my son; “Cover your ears.” His fingers plug his ear canals; I drop down onto my knee, take the right finger out of my son’s right ear and whisper; “You’ve just come out of hypnosis. Down you go again…” I quickly count down so fast the numbers are a single word, touch him on his forehead and my son is once in deep hypnosis.

As the doctor and the mom talk, I give hypnotic suggestions that every word spoken in this room is not needed and therefore is forgotten. I am focused on my son and I’m giving him love and powerful hypnotic suggestions.

Once the insurance approval came in (my son was still in a deep state of hypnosis) I had my son open his eyes, explained we needed to move into another room. He complied while in a near somnambulist state of hypnosis.

After positioned in the chair, I had him close his eyes and brought him deeper into hypnosis.

They prepped my son; he was extremely compliant and “slept” through all the prepping.

I explained to the doctor and staff that my son was in deep hypnosis and that after I brought him up, all they needed to do was bring him right down with anesthesia.

I counted my son up, he looked at me for a fraction of a second with post hypnotic glazed eyes and I left the room while they put him under anesthesia.

We were told the process would take between an hour and a half and an hour and forty-five minutes. It took forty-five.

I went straight to the recovery room. My son was bright eyed, and holding an ice pack, he gave me a thumbs up.

The nurse told me; “He was amazing…he came right out of the anesthesia all bright eyed and perfect.”

The nurse wheeled my son out to my car; “The hypnosis…was that for fear?”

“No. It was to make the journey smoother, and for his body to accept the anesthesia gracefully and to improve his recovery time.”

The nurse locked the brakes on the wheel chair; “There was far less blood than we have ever seen…it was just perfect. Just enough to start healing the bone and the sockets.” He helped my son stand; “And I have never seen anyone come out of anesthesia like he did. It was remarkable.”

The doctor gave us prescriptions: an antibiotic and vicodin. I dropped those off at the drug store and brought my son home.

Along with the drugs, the doctor also gave us a post procedure guideline sheet. This sheet focused on all the adverse sides of post surgery, suggesting there would be six days of bleeding and tremendous amounts of swelling, pain, and a host of other not too sunny thoughts.

My son was tired of course and there was some bleeding. Quick hypnosis reduced the blood flow and allowed him to get some hypnotic sleep. 15 minutes later, the bleeding is greatly reduced and he felt rested.

Pain began about an hour later, at the site of the tooth behind the tooth in the front. Again, hypnosis was applied and in 2 minutes, the pain was reduced from a 8 (0-10scale) to a 3.

I left and saw him in the morning.

What transpired was just as I knew it would…his bleeding had fully stopped in less than 5 hours, not days as suggested by the doctors. His swelling was slight, very slight. There was no more pain and no need to take any of the vicodin.

The following day, the swelling had reduced even more….

When my son went in for a follow up a week later, the doctor and staff said, “You look as if you had the procedure done five weeks ago! You’re healed!”

Two weeks later, my son was fitted for his braces.

Happily, I have the knowledge and ability to have been there for my son. Can you imagine if dental offices/practices/groups had a staff hypnotherapist on board? So much unnecessary worry, anxiety, pain….


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Comment by Paul Hinsberger on May 15, 2012 at 2:47am

Hi Neelam,

Besides Hypnosis and NLP, I am involved in a newer modality called PSYCH-K. PSYCH-K PSYCH-K is a unique, fast and direct way to identify and change limiting subconscious patterns, beliefs, unwanted habits and behaviors.

I have seen huge, sweeping changes take place through PSYCH-K and since it does not involve trance, it is possible to work with people anywhere through skype and also via surrogation. When I'm in India, I will be leading workshops on this. More info to follow!


Comment by ranjna on May 15, 2012 at 12:39am

Well...Paul I guess we in the East find these things easier to accept... to some extent it is those who have half baked knowledge and are only interested in making a fast buck that get through to the masses here and that is why even we have a lot of resistance to such options. But, I do believe that in this age of Aquarius things have started changing and slowly but steadily people will begin seeing that what you have is the true and natural healing power (the real medicine is making the body cells work at fixing themselves). 

There is so much money involved very often it is the big medicine making Corporations that block the way of such healing ideas....I wish you all the best and pray that this method finds the recognition it deserves...

Comment by Paul Hinsberger on May 14, 2012 at 8:32pm

Thank you Ranjna for your comment. So very true, and I have found that doctors, especially those from the west, are more likely to stick to the use of pills and pharmaceuticals where they feel they have "control".

I was at an event recently where I was in contact with allopathic medical providers and a vast number of them had no interest in hypnosis. However, those that did have an interest, were very familiar with hypnosis, they carried themselves with a far greater sense of awareness, were very open in both mind and spirit and they had far more pleasing auras about them. Needless to say, I attracted them to me like a magnet :)


Comment by Paul Hinsberger on May 14, 2012 at 8:22pm

Hi Neelam, as a matter of fact I do teach hypnosis. At present, I'm in Southern California so if you are in the area....I will be in India in November for about 6 weeks and have a few workshops in the works (need to plan around Dewali of course). More to follow!


Comment by ranjna on May 14, 2012 at 6:17pm

I wish the medical science and scientists opens up to the vast array of possibilities ...

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