The Shift Doctors (Marion Ross, Ph.D. & Tracy Latz, M.D.) take questions on various integrative medicine and metaphysical topics. We recently received an inquiry asking: “How we can recognize the ‘Energy Zappers’ in our lives?

One thing Energy Zappers have in common: if you participate they have you at ‘Hello’. Just think of the phone ringing and the man on the other end asking “Is the lady of the house in?” and you answer “Why?” and he responds by saying “Well, please don’t hang up but I am from the Fraternal Order of Police and”… you know if you stay on the line you are hooked.The zappers are the same. They are like an energetic vacuum cleaner sucking out part of your life force so you feel tired, drained, perhaps angry or hurt, and wishing you hadn’t had that interaction. Are you the sponge soaking up the negativity of others around you?

We are all connected energetically. We have all walked into a room and felt bad vibes. We have probably all had the same feeling upon meeting certain people. In our encounters we have warm, caring, nurturing people around us, those with which we have a good exchange; and then we have the ‘zappers’.

There are several different types of energy ‘Zappers’ that will STING you whenever they get the opportunity. Do you find these situations familiar?

1. You are feeling drained either being on the phone or in person with a friend who gabs constantly about anything and everything; and, when you do finally get a word in, they snatch the conversation back to themselves. It’s all about them!

2. Or when the phone rings, all you hear about is “poor me”; “my child didn’t get into the new school”, “it’s raining”, “my cake is burning”, “my neighbors are chanting and noisy”,” my mother in law is asking too much of me…”  In short, nothing ever goes right for them, nothing is their fault, they take no responsibility for their actions and they want you to show empathy and agree with them that all their various complaints are valid.

3. Then there is the Drama Queen or King who will make a Shakespearean tragedy out of anything just to keep your attention and distract themselves from other important feelings. Woe, woe, woe, they are full of stories and it never ends.

4. Another ‘zapper’ is the person who needs to feel right so they strive to make you feel wrong. Theses aggressive folks often love to pick fights. They might seduce you into a conversation to test whether you will agree with them or not. If you don’t, Bam! You either agree with them and are on the boat with them or disagree and get thrown overboard.

5. There are also the all take and no give ‘zappers’They want you to do everything for them because they feel so helpless and powerless. No matter what you do you can never give them enough nurturing and they ask for it often. They set up situations to confirm to themselves that they are helpless. Sound familiar?

6. Yet another type to recognize is the Passive Aggressive ‘zapper‘. They ask for your counsel and when you give them advice it is always not what they need. They keep asking and you always give the wrong answers. They have very little self expression and love to finish your sentences for you. They make demands of you and resist at the same time. You wonder, “why do I even bother?”

7. There are lots of well meaning, miserable people that don’t even recognize that they are draining others and there are also deliberate nasty psychic attackers. There are those you can eliminate from your life-  and then there are others: like bosses, co-workers and relatives you may need to deal with.

Here Are 3 Quick Solutions To Protect Your Energy:

1. Clench your fists with your thumbs inside your fingers and ground yourself with your toes clenching the ground.

2. Surround yourself in a ‘bubble of white light’.

3. The Three Thumps & the Zip Up video shows a great technique for energetic ‘zapper protection’:

The Shift Doctors have an article covering in greater detail the topic of How to Protect Yourself Against Energy Vampires” at:

You can also listen to the Shift Doctor radio interview on the subject of Energy Vampires with Marion Ross, Ph.D. andJulie Ann TurnerVanquishing Energy Vampires on Contact talk Radio which is a Free download from

Note: If you choose not to do anything to free yourself from the Zappers in your life, our Shift Your Life books and CDs might be of assistance to you to deal with the ‘faulty thoughts’ and emotional dances you will get thrown into with all the Zapper drama, chaos and turmoil.

Hope this helps :) Shine you inner Light brightly so that you may leave a trail of Light for others to follow! Don’t let any Energy Zappers dim your Light- or worse- put your Light out altogether.

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)