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 Dear Friends I am going to share with you some deep mysteries of manifesting money or anything that you want. I have been studying and practicing Law of Attraction for last few years. I will share with you some insights which I developed in my course.I have been using information from Book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill , and using other material as Abrahim Hicks and Kabbala Magick Rituals to help me.

  • Clearly define what you want. Be specific and clear about it.     Now just imagine two people standing in Que for ticket and one says  'Sir give me one ticket for some good place'   And other says " Sir kindly issue one ticket for Amritsar on 15th March 2015"  who is likely to get a response. Define your goals very clearly' I manifest Rs 3,00,000 in 2 months from now in a most positive way" is more likely to materialize than " I need some money in near future"
  • Once you have clarified  your manifestation, then Write it down. Now donot underestimate power of this step. Why many people fail to manifest is because they never write down their goals on paper.So second secret  Write down your Goals.Do not miss on this
  •   Read this affirmation every day when you get up and when you retire to sleep.When you read it feel the goal has been manifested. Make  mental picture of your goal manifested, feel how you would feel if it manifests, hear sounds that you can imagine to hear once it manifests and smell the scene of your success. Now there is a rule if you keep something clear vivid in your mind for more than 45 second it starts manifesting. So even few minutes of this visualization is very powerful
  • Whenever  you have doubts for feel frustration that things are not happening as you want release and let go of these doubts. EFT and Sedona method can be very effective to let go of your doubts and frustrations.
  • Let go of any expectations that whether the goal is going to manifest. This seems paradoxical but the moment you let go of expectations and just set your clear intention , universal forces start acting. In Kabbala Magick we are always told  do your Magick ritual for manifestation and after the ritual burn  your Talisman or Sigil. Forget about it.
  • Manifestation is not  an obligation for universe.It is act of deep love Universe has for us. The moment you start appreciating and thanking universe the doors open wide. I will share with you a small story. Once I joined Classes of a Kaballa Magician Damond Brond on manifesting things by Magick. The frist lesson he gave was  where ever you are start Thanking Universe for anything Beautiful around you. Mantra was ' What I have done to deserve this beautiful thing in my life" I was sitting in my cabin with all  books and things randomly spread in Chaos. I could not find anything to say thanks. I struggled and saw a Turtle Paer weight made of Crystal. I focussed on that and deeply repeated tyhe affirmation. I can tell you this was not easy as my mind was not ready to believe , but I did it as best as I could. In half an hour time one of my old friend dropped in after a long time.He had made a documentary on Ladakh and share it with me. It was amazing , awesome and terrific scenes from Himalays  .I could not stop saying 'What I have done to deserve this beautiful experience.

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Master Facilitator
Comment by Dr Sandeep on February 17, 2015 at 4:31pm

Hi Nikhil, time is dependent on intensity of your mind and sincerity of your intention.

Comment by Nikhil Khurana on February 12, 2015 at 4:32pm

Well said. I have read it takes 17 seconds to change the vibration, 68 seconds to change the manifestation (you have mentioned 45 seconds) and 40 days to change consciousness. Not too long a time. With focus and belief we can create miracles !

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