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We have all seen Life Moving Dynamically from A to B.

We have all seen Sudden, Abrupt Changes happening in Life. 

And WE are left Puzzled and Confused. 

Now imagine what will this Confusion attract?

More Confusion in Life... 

Our EGO MIND might not be able to Comprehend the Situation and REACT in various ways - 

We will rush here and there, look for Options, try to find relief 

but finally....

in order to reach the SOLUTION, we need to first Clear the Cloud of Confusion

Than we clearly see a NEW HIGHER PERSPECTIVE! 

It is SIMPLE, It is not a Rocket-Science... 

All it needs is - TRUST AND SURRENDER! 


Every time you are Searching for Answers in Life ~

You have to choose ONE of these two paths -

Gyaan Marg - Intellectual Understanding 
Bhakti Marg - Complete Surrender

Personally, I have chosen the Path of 'Complete Surrender'.

I Surrendered to the 'Energy of Tarot';

I accepted the Wisdom of Universe that comes through Tarot Cards because it goes beyond my Conscious Understanding, my Mind, my Limiting Beliefs ~


allows me to 'Feel the Essence of Life', 

It allows me to SEE the 'Beauty in Every Incident of Life';

It allows me to SEE the 'Emotions that are hidden behind Words'.

It allows me to SEE the 'UNSEEN EVENTS IN LIFE'.

May be you will choose a different Path in Life or Maybe you will choose TAROT... 


Than You will See the Life Changing! 

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