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Higher Purpose

I have often marvelled at how children loose sense of time when they are engaged in a play or an activity they relish or for that matter even us when we are engaged in something we truly enjoy. What is this type of timelessness, what if I tried to replicate this in every waking moment of my life, what if my work was so engrossing that I didn’t need a vacation or a weekend to refresh. How can I become a version of my best self so that every inch of my soul is nourished; what will it take for me to live my life aligned to my higher purpose, a purpose that gives me joy; what if I refused to live my live chained to emotions, jobs, activities, people, places that rob me of this chance. We all have a higher purpose, a purpose unique to us , a purpose that brings out our best, a purpose that creates that same sense of timelessness. Have you had a chance to align to it yet…..

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