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 Spiritually very simple and practical.

This healing is holistic, as it aligns the Spirit, Mind and Body.

The basic principles of this healing are:-

This is a highly intelligent, creative universe, with pure consciousness and Harmony.

We  duplicate these characteristics in us. "Aham Bramhasmi" said Shankara "I am the Universe".

The Dis-ease, manifests, when we delink from the consciousness, creating disharmony leading to imbalance between body, mind and the spirit.

To heal the body of its manifestations, we need to return to consciousness, which in turn will re-establish the Harmony and Balance.

The First step towards Spiritual healing is to have Faith.

Faith that you can and will heal, this is the commitment you have to make to yourself.

The Second step is to dedicate yourself to the practices/techniques required to heal the inner/outer self.

The Third step is to identify which style of healing suits could be Reiki, Yoga,Pranic Healing, Meditational techiques, Quigong, Taichi, EFT, Crystal Healing,Mudras, Mantras etc., or it could be a combination of all these with Homeopathy, Ayurvedic massages and tonics.

The start can be with any of these,once higher awareness sets in, you realise that there is a commonality in the natural state of being leading to balance, harmony and wellness.

Spiritual healing is a continuous process, of being in awareness about the Body, Mind and Soul.


Body... Listen to your body become aware of its needs. Feed it with healthy foods and avoiding indulgences and addictions.

Mind...Harness the creative, positive energy of your emotions by acknowledging your feelings and of others by expressing positively.

Soul...Awareness, that you are a larger part of the greater scheme of things will allow you to expand and broaden your views. it is here you will understand to be holistic and expansive.

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