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I have always wanted to be a healer and help myself and others around me. I began looking for newer and more effective methods of healing, with the least amount of effort required.

One of the easiest methods of healing I found was EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). It was so simple that I could use it immediately on myself and others too.

At the EFT 1 & 2 Seminar itself I was healed of my phobia of gas cylinders and got over my chocolate cravings! The very next day after the seminar, I used EFT to heal my husband of his back pain in just 1 hour (EFT).

What I love about EFT is how those who qualify as a Practitioner can make a difference to others and earn a living. I was very inspired by these stories:

  • Dr Rajesh healed his back pain completely and now he helps his patients to do the same and reports 70 - 100% relief in one sitting!
  • Isobel Gordon used EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to gain freedom from rage and experienced ultimate peace. She helps her clients overcome fears, cravings and anxiety. In one case her client overcame fear of flying and then flew from London to USA a week later.
  • CEO and corporate trainer Neeraj Kumar found faster results were made possible after he learnt EFT where his corporate clients overcame their fear of public speaking.

The greatest joy I've ever had is people around me saying "Thank you for helping me". I cannot even begin to tell you how empowered I feel today.

My journey doesn't end here. I'm looking forward to complete my Mastery in EFT that includes the following modules:

EFT 1&2 Practitioner training, November 25th to 27th, Mumbai - To eliminate stress, physical tension, pain and shifting limiting beliefs.

Matrix Re imprinting, December 1st to 4th, Mumbai - To uncover past trauma frozen in time (pre - conscious level) and to create transformations in health, wealth, career, relationships and spirituality.

EFT 3 Advanced Practitioner, December 9th to 11th, Mumbai - To learn how to identify underpinning sabotage patterns, unconscious limitations, inner conflicts and blocks to success in order to manifest health, abundance and wholeness.

What's simply amazing is that I get to do a Practitioner level course with certification in just 10 days. This not only helps me heal my own issues, but also set up a practice where I can earn, while helping others.

A Mastery in EFT can help you too to realise you dream of becoming a healer or a wellness coach where you get the chance to help others as well.

Click here to learn how a Mastery in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help you too to gain freedom form the past and become professionally qualified to help others as a healer and a wellness coach.



P.S - EFT Mastery includes EFT Practitioner training, Matrix reimprinting and EFT Advanced Practitioner, available at a discounted price saving Rs 17000.

P.P.S - Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner is awarded after the seminar and you can start working with clients professionally straight away.



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