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Harmony is the secret.silence is the key to experience..

  • Silence is the key to experience ...
    Openings- The first experience of a deep meditator is that of dhavani or gungar- humming... Sound n light travels fast. He will then experience all the sense organs: ears,eyes,nose,tongue and skin. This is the stage when one becomes extra sensetive,,repulsive to non-veg,,
    ..cant gossip,,cant indulge too much socially..Can hear the sound of Om and become aware of the third eye. ...Its the time when all our sense organs gets rejuvenated...
    Its a must to know about the growth of your body, mind and soul. Once the experience of sense organs are clean and clear, the experience of the second opening -The Subtle opening is revealed .Whatever can be seen has occured now comes the turn of the unseen- subtle body, subtle mind and subtle soul.

    Know about your subtle body: As we clean and clear the subtle body we grow. Our aura starts growing..... I becomes We ( starts)

    Know about your subtle mind: As we clean and clear the subtle mind love starts pouring. We will be overwhelmed with love.

    Know about your subtle soul:As we clean and clear the soul, enlightenment happens.

    The harmony between the body, mind and soul and the subtle body, subtle mind and subtle soul can only give a glimpse of enlightenment. Once this harmony is created the secrets of existence starts unfolding. We experience the five elements of our body, orgasms in our body and even every atom of our body. We connect with nature- sun, moon, stars etc. There is no you and me- all is one, no boundaries, no barriers, no limitations just one as whole. We are all from the same source, same energy exists in all- everyone, everything...

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