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 1.God and Self

It’s strange how living in a world where everyone is ostensibly ‘connected’, how we are so disconnected with everything around us, especially ourselves. Very few of us have the courage to acknowledge the need we feel to connect with others.

Often I ask myself- who is responsible for this feeling of disconnect- the Creator who has made me (or so I would like to believe) , my karma or the fruits of former actions, or just random impulses- fleeting ,passing distractions in the body-mind that do not allow my attention to dwell  for any respectable length of time on person, place or event.

In my conversations with God on my daily walk, I often applaud him for his sense of humour with me. He has this way of giving me such striking insights into life , turning the most mundane or even painful incidents into opportunities to learn.

In my line of work I meet many people who decidedly have some powers of an extraordinary nature- intuition, clairvoyance and energy cleansing and healing abilities. They have spent many years developing their own faculties and honing their skills, and coming up with helpful insights, suggestions, even interventions, to which I have had the privilege of being witness .

I am humbled by their depth of knowledge, expertise and experience. Often however, I ask myself, if their connect with themselves or this God is superior to mine? And if so, what makes it so?

I am fortunate to also connect with a wide range of people – from various walks of life, in many stages of life, all going through challenging life situations. Faced with having to take focused decisions or actions which could be life altering – I am humbled by those who come to be healed as much as the healers themselves. To me they are the real heroes that are open to finding answers to problems. I am struck by the divine connect within these people that enabled them to seek out help, and come out of the crippling grip of their problems

So how does this all connect to the idea of connecting  ?

By way of making a strong plea to connect with a divine creative spark within us all which is ever willing and able to inspire one to move out of the comforting morass of our various stuck points and find creative solutions to deal with them.

A powerful quote by the Ramana Maharishi says : “ Self Realisation has nothing to do with the realisation of a Self. It has to do with the removal of the illusion of Ignorance.”

As the veil of Ignorance begins to lift, one can align more and more with one’s own true nature.May we all be inspired to acknowledge within us ,whatever is not in line with our own life purpose.

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